UCLA Bruin Holly Haworth Turned Her Passion for Dance into Her Own Business

Holly is a recent junior transfer from Los Angeles Valley College, majoring in philosophy. Combining her interests in business and dance, she started teaching her own dance classes in March earlier this year. We had the pleasure of talking with Holly and hearing more about her passion for dance and her new classes.

Her Campus: How long have you been dancing?

Holly Haworth: I have been dancing since I was five years old and I have studied a variety of styles.

HC: What is your favorite part of dance?

HH: My favorite part about dance is performing. Sometimes during classes or rehearsals, I think that I could be doing something that is either easier or more fun, but when I perform all of the hard and tedious times become so worth it. I love it! In summer 2013, I got to train with the Radio City Rockettes in New York for a summer intensive. We danced for 8 hours a day in character heels and I loved every second of it!

HC: Why did you decide to start your own classes?

HH: I started my classes in March of this year, so it is a fairly recent business endeavor. I started teaching my own classes because it seemed like the best way to integrate my two passions: business/marketing and dance. By starting my own dance studio, I can teach kids my favorite thing in the world, all while being in charge of my own business.

HC: What classes and ages do you teach?

HH: I teach ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and musical theater to students aged 3-14.

HC: What is your favorite part of teaching?

HH: My favorite part about teaching is instilling the same passion that I have for dance in my students. I have really enjoyed teaching my youngest students because they are hilarious and adorable. We recently had a Halloween dance party, where my students and I danced, played games, and ate candy together!

HC: Is this something you see yourself doing for a long time?

HH: This is definitely something that I see myself doing for many years to come. It is surprising to me because growing up, my grandfather always told me that I should open a studio and I cringed at the thought. Now that I am grown, though, it seems like the best thing for me to do! I liked the idea of starting my own business because I love being in charge and I have the personality for it (yes...type A). Teaching and education runs in my family so working with children is no coincidence either! However, through starting my own business and learning how to brand and market it, I have become increasingly interested in the marketing side of my business affairs. So, if I were to end up doing something else, I hope it would be something along the lines of marketing or social media.

HC: Any advice for young adults trying to start their own business?

HH: Starting your own business takes three things: vision, courage, and decision-making. You need to have the vision for your business, the courage to put you and your business out there despite the fears of rejection, and the ability to make bold choices!

Thank you Holly for sharing your story and passions with us! Can I pretend to be a kid again and sign up for one of your classes?

Photos courtesy of Holly Haworth