Turning Lemons into "Lemonade"

In case you haven’t heard, Beyoncé casually dropped another new album. Same, Queen, same. To catch those of you up to speed on Beyoncé’s visual album, “Lemonade”, here are the basics:

1. Cheater cheater

The big story about this album is JayZ. Beyoncé expresses a multitude of emotions about his infidelity. She goes through anger, depression, and, ultimately, a type of forgiveness. After all, “Becky with the good hair” probably isn’t as impressive as Queen Bey.


The other message that Beyoncé explores in her album has to do with black women’s rights. She discusses the oppression she and many others face and her dealings with massive amounts of discrimination. However, she takes her hardships and absorbs them to make her stronger.

3. Lemonade

The overall storyline is that Beyoncé has dealt with a lot of crud in her life. There are so many emotions in this album it's tough to just listen to all that she's dealt with. Her resiliency is truly admirable. The atrocities she discusses are horribly sour, like lemons. She’s taken these lemons and made them into lemonade. And it’s delicious. Seriously, try her recipe