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Transfer Student Spotlight: Rachel Oiwake

Meet Rachel Oiwake, a third year transfer student that has really embraced her first year at UCLA. For those of you who are considering transferring to UCLA next year, she’s got some good advice for you all! 


What year and major are you at UCLA?

I’m a third year transfer and an English major.

What do you think of your UCLA experience so far?

It’s definitely been a very stimulating lifestyle with so much activity and so many events taking place all the time. I’ve found everyday a constant mix of stress and exhilaration, and I love it. 


Would you say that being a transfer student has impacted your UCLA experience in a certain way? 

Yes, probably a bit more than I had imagined. You’re placed in an odd position where you are somewhat both a first-year and a third-year, and I find myself worrying both about getting the most out of my experience at UCLA and about graduation. Also, especially as a transfer living on campus, starting UCLA was such a drastic change in lifestyle that I felt a kind of restricted and limited. Even though it was difficult in a lot of ways, though, I was still able to find my place here.


How have you gotten involved on campus?

As soon as I started UCLA, I joined a sorority and found an on-campus job.  I also try to go to different events, join contests, or try temporary programs that interest me. Next quarter, I plan to apply for a publishing organization on campus.


Do you have any advice for students who are considering transferring here? 

Your time at UCLA is much shorter as a transfer student, so I think it helps to research in advance and have an idea of what kind of group or organization you want to be a part of, and what you want to gain out of your time here. There are also a lot of other transfer students going through a similar experience, so it helps to get to know a group of them at orientation or from your upper division classes. 


Any words of encouragement for your peers going into Finals Week? 

Smile, breathe, and just do it :)

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