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The Top 5 Times Bonnie Bennett Of “The Vampire Diaries” Was The Baddest & Most Powerful Witch Ever

In my opinion, Bonnie Bennett on The Vampire Diaries is one of the most powerful television characters of all time. While viewers tend to focus on Stefan and Damon, she is working her magic and saving lives. Here are the top five times Bonnie Bennett proved to be the baddest and most powerful witch in the game. Be warned: spoilers ahead. 

Season 1, Episode 14: Bonnie helps open the tomb

In season 1, Bonnie is just getting used to her powers. She is nowhere near as powerful as she is in the later seasons, but she still helps Elena, Stefan and Damon open the tomb filled with the old vampires of Mystic Falls. These vampires also pose a threat to witches like Bonnie. Because opening the tomb requires a great amount of power, she is forced to involve her Grams, who dies from exhaustion. This is just the beginning of Bonnie sacrificing herself and her own well-being for the sake of her friends. 

Season 2, Episode 21: Bonnie fights Klaus

This is one of the first times we see Bonnie display a huge amount of power. Klaus is an original vampire as well as a hybrid, so he is considered the most dangerous supernatural being on the show. However, Bonnie is literally able to break his bones and continuously keep him in pain with just her mind. She has already lost her Grams from performing a large act, but she still decides to exert a great amount of her energy to protect her best friend, Elena. 

Season 4, Episode 23: Bonnie dies for Jeremy

In this episode, Bonnie is able to save Jeremy’s life. However, this comes with a price: her own life. She trades places with Jeremy and becomes part of “the other side,” where she is forced to live among her friends with no way of communicating with them. Although she is eventually brought back to life, this is a clear example of the insane versatility that Bonnie has. While she is a witch with incredible powers, she also has the power of selflessness and protects others whenever she gets the chance. 

Season 6, Episode 5: Bonnie saves Damon and stays with Kai

At the end of season 5, Bonnie and Damon are sent to an prison world version of “the other side” where they are trapped with Kai, a psychopath who tried to murder his entire family. Right when Bonnie and Damon are about to escape, Kai shoots Bonnie with an arrow and she falls, unable to get up. However, with her powers, she moves the ascendant (the tool needed to get back home) into Damon’s hand, immediately sending him away. The ascendant shatters and she is left with Kai and has no way to return. This is a momentous scene of The Vampire Diaries because Bonnie and Damon have always had a rocky relationship, but this shows how close they have become.

Season 8, Episode 16: Bonnie stops the fire in Mystic Falls

In the show’s big finale, Bonnie saves the entire town by using her power to stop an immense fire raging through Mystic Falls. In this moment, something beautiful happens: she is joined by Grams and all the other witches from her family, both past and present. Bennett witches are known to be some of the most powerful witches, but it is clear that they also value protecting each other. For a quick moment, everyone is reunited and we can truly see the boundless power that these women manifest when they fight together. 

Overall, Bonnie Bennett possesses a great amount of power as a Bennett witch. However, her greatest strengths arise from her unyielding, fearless character. She will not let anyone stand in her way when it comes to protecting those she cares about, and that is what truly makes her one of the most powerful women ever. 

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