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The Top 5 Must Have Holiday Decorations To Make Your Dorm Fesitve

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

As we enter into holiday season, the decorations begin to appear and students begin pondering their winter vacation. Living on campus can make it difficult to get in the holiday mood— not enough space for decorations while still needing to maximize space! Here are the Top 5 decorations you can use to take your dorm into full holiday mood.


  1. Christmas Lights:



Christmas lights are a staple dorm piece all year long, but when the Holidays begin, they become an even greater dorm accessory. You can hang them along the wall or by draping them over your desk and bed. There are colored, yellow and white lights that both you and your roommates can ring the season in my putting them up together everywhere. They really bring a lot of light to a small space!


     2. Throw Pillows:


Your bed is your main space (and most important) in your room besides a desk, so livening it up for the holidays makes everything feel a bit more special. Throw some pillows and a festive blanket right on top and it can completely transform your space, reminding you everyday that you are working toward that holiday break!


      3. Cinnamon sticks:

Living in dorm takes away the fun of holiday candles. An easy fix is REAL cinnamon sticks or a cinnamon bush. The pure smell of cinnamon can radiate throughout the whole room and make up for the lack of holiday scents from candles. You can put them in a mason jar or leave them laying on your desk! They become both decorative and useful with the amazing scent. 


      4. Homemade snowflakes:

Homemade snowflakes are an easy craft that can give you some relief from studying and put you in the holiday mood. Easy to do and cost efficient, making snowflakes takes you back to your childhood and functions as a small decorative piece to hang throughout the room. Just a taste of a winter wonderland in your personal space.


    5. Desk Decor:

Your desk may be covered in a lot of school work, but it can still be a great place for small decorations which might make a biggest difference. Things like snow globes (some playing your favorite holiday songs) can be placed on your desk and will maintain your need for holiday spirit! 



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