Top 5 Hallmark Christmas Movies to Watch this Winter Break

I have been watching Hallmark movies ever since I learned how to turn on the TV. From a ripe, young age, I was obsessed with the cheesy plot lines, the love stories and the fairy tale endings. They always give me exactly what I’ve been hoping for. In our daily lives, we may not be able to have it all, but on the Hallmark channel, everybody gets to have their cake and eat it, too. I am perfectly happy with that! My favorite time to watch these Hallmark movies is during the holiday season when all of their movies are filled with white snow, perfect Christmas trees and those adorable scenes where the romantic couple makes hot chocolate together.

I have a tradition where I watch them with my grandma during the daytime, then watch them by myself at nighttime and discuss them with her the next day. I know that not every one may be able to do this, but I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with a grandma that lives exactly eleven houses down from me. Trust me, there is no place like my grandma’s house at Christmas time: the cookies, the warm hugs and the decorations covering every square foot of her house! It’s the perfect environment to watch these adorable movie marathons, and she’s the perfect person for me to watch them with. In case your grandma isn’t the perfect movie buddy for you, but you still want to get in on the Hallmark action, it’s also cuffing season, cuddle buddy season and the season for spending time with loved ones. Think of people that may fall into these categories for you. Maybe try making a new tradition with your friends or loved ones where you gather around that TV and embrace the warm and fuzzy feels. This experience wouldn't be complete without hot chocolate and a quick list of great Hallmark movie recommendations to get you hooked *hot chocolate not included.*

1. The Mistletoe Inn

This is one that I just watched over Thanksgiving break, and I immediately felt myself getting attached to it because it is about two writers. The author in me was jumping up and down! The two aspiring novelists travel to a writing conference over their holiday break from work to start taking their passions seriously. They literally bump into each other while they are checking in and knock all of their bags over, so their relationship gets off to a bumpy start. They help each other grow as writers and share many laughs over cute Christmas-y activities, and at the end of their conference a highly awaited romance author is supposed to be speaking (who just so happens to be the favorite author of both of the writers and never seen before in the public eye) and BOOM plot twist after plot twist.

2. Murder, She Baked (A Plum Pudding Mystery)

Okay, so as if you’re not already fangirling over the play on words/TV show reference, am I right? It’s based off a book series by Joanne Fluke that combines cuteness and mystery together. It's officially being called a cozy mystery, also super cute am I right? There are currently six films on Hallmark for this series, so they’re also great for binge watching if you like the characters and plot! It’s about a small- town baker who always gets wrapped up in some kind of trouble. This leads her into many encounters with a dashing detective, and the two of them team up to solve crimes that usually happen where she is participating in some baking related activity. The couple’s interactions are as adorable as always for Hallmark, but the mystery aspect of the film gives a good spice of variety to their movies that are primarily about romance.

3. Christmas Land

I also watched this film over Thanksgiving break (don’t judge my binging, please, it was a time of weakness and relaxation)! I immediately recognized the lead actress, Nikki DeLoach, from MTV’s Awkward and was hooked. She plays a super successful business woman whose grandmother has passed away and left her Christmas Land— a Christmas-themed village that she used to love as a kid. She returns to her old town to revisit past memories with the intention of selling the place. She ends up developing a deep connection to many of the locals (one who just happens to be tall, dark and handsome... and single) and changes her mind about selling. She reconnects with her grandmother's memory, finds parts of herself that she lost on the way to success and even even finds true love— does it get any better than that?! All of the lights, snow and Christmas decorations add to the pure joy of it all.

4. Miss Christmas

Well would you look at that, another Hallmark movie I watched over the break, wow! This one might have been my favorite. The acting was well done and Brooke D’Orsay has the sweetest and most genuine voice I have ever heard in my entire life. It also covers deep and challenging topics throughout the plot. There is a divorced dad trying to raise a child on his own and the family has just lost their grandmother to old age, and it's the first Christmas they are celebrating without her. Miss Christmas is the official tree finder for Chicago’s huge Christmas tree lighting ceremony, she grew up on a Christmas tree farm and misses her roots ever since she moved to the city for her job. She gets a letter from the grandson whose grandmother passed away. The letter describes how he believes their enormous Evergreen tree would be perfect for the ceremony and wants to donate it in memoriam for his grandma. Everybody is on board with the plan except his dad, who thinks the tree should be kept standing on their lot as a personal reminder. During her time of convincing the family to donate the tree, she falls in love with the rough around the edges, cute dad next door and her definition of happiness changes.

5. Romance at Reindeer Lodge

Extra points for the super Christmas-y title! This one is actually pretty comical. A group of people that have decided that they don’t want to participate in any holiday festivities this year travel to a get away location. Upon arrival, however, they find out that it’s a Christmas themed ranch. Can you imagine? But really, it’s called Reindeer ranch for a reason... and it’s not referencing the surrounding wildlife. The group ends up being stranded at the lodge because no flights are leaving the area until after Christmas. All of people are forced to get involved with the Christmas cheer, and the forced merriment and sarcasm are to die for. Eventually they give up the resistance and that’s where the fun and romance begin!

Photos courtesy of The Hallmark Channel