Top 5 Food-stagramers

Confession: I probably spend at least half of my day looking at food on Instagram. I can’t help it. I mean, I could be looking at the fascinating lives of people I know, or celebrity babies, but watching the fudge pour out of a chocolate lava cake with raspberries just goes without compare. While I have many favorite accounts, here are my 5 favorite, chosen for their (a) artistic beauty, (b) implied taste, and (c) amount of chocolate present at all times.

1.) @MadeByABlonde

This girl’s life is UNFAIR. She gets to make and eat dessert all day long, AND she’s pretty. Pick one! But seriously, if you’re a fan of chocolate, this is the account for you. The gooeyness of the fudge in all of her desserts is seriously insane, and she can make s’mores into pretty much anything. What more could you ask for in a food Instagram?


2.) @DoughmesticHousewife

One of the reasons I love food accounts so much is that they combine my sweet tooth with art. And trust me, these cookies are a work of art. Holly can make insane designs using all sorts of complicated tools you would never think you would need for cookies (ie. spray-paint). Because she’s a mom, a lot of the cookies are super adorable, like smiling cactuses and unicorns. The cuteness is unbearable.


3.) @BentoMonsters

I’ve always been a fan of bento, especially now that it’s trendy to make little designs. The @bentomonster creator always makes little animals out of her (usually) lunch ingredients, and makes crazy adorable breads and desserts, too.


4.) @LAFoodJunkie

If you like foodstagrams that showcase insane amounts of decadent pizza, ice cream, mac and cheese, and runny eggs, this is the account for you. The stuff on here is literally ridiculous, and the fact that its all in LA makes me want to try all of it even more.


5.) @PopeyeTheFoodie

My two favorite things combined into one account: puppies and food. Need I say more?


Photos by MadeByABlonde, DoughmesticHousewife, BentoMonsters, LAFoodJunkie, and PopeyetheFoodie. Cover photo by MadeByABlonde.