TikTok vs Vine: The Greatest Battle Of All Time

Does anyone else remember when Vine was all the hype in 2012? Before TikTok, we had Vine, where people made six second long videos that played on a loop. There are so many memorable Vine videos. For example, “It’s an avocadooooo…thanks,” or one of my all-time favorites, “I’m in me mum’s car, broom broom.” Sometimes I still have a habit of watching Vine compilations on YouTube whenever I need a good laugh. However, TikTok was released in 2016 and has slowly started to become the new Vine. TikTok is used to create short 15 to 60 second videos. But which app is really better? TikTok or Vine? To really compare the two apps, I think it is only fair to do pros and cons for each of them.

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One pro to using TikTok is it allows users to have more creativity in their videos. On Vine, you only had 6 seconds to come up with something appealing to get someone’s attention. However, on TikTok there is more time to film your video so it is not as rushed. Another pro to using TikTok is that it allows more personalization. With the “For You” page, users constantly get videos similar to what they are watching and liking. The app is organized to show content that the individual likes. Vine did not have as much freedom and interaction.

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Vine allowed for the hilarious, iconic one-liners that are still quoted on the Internet to this day. Although there is funny content on TikTok, in my opinion, Vine definitely holds the place for “best one-liners.” Another pro to using Vine is the fame and attention you could garner. So many comedy stars were born off of Vine and it kickstarted a lot of new careers. Vine was more about comedy, while TikToks can occasionally get into more serious topics, like politics.white iphone on white background with pink notification cards

Vine and TikTok are similar apps yet different in their own ways. Nothing will ever replace the legacy of Vine and the iconic quotes that came out of it. However, TikTok is a really great app that allows users to be creative in their content. The TikTok dances and challenges really get people more involved. I do like TikTok a lot and will still continue to use the app, but at the same time, I will always go back to replay the best Vines.