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Throwback: Best & Worst of the 2018 Grammys Red Carpet

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards: the biggest music award show of the year. Of course people had a lot to say about the outfits on the red carpet, so we want to take a look back at some of our fav outfits from the January show. Consider this a little break from all the Oscars outfit analysis of the past few weeks. 

Most importantly, after the discovery of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault and harassment accusations, the entire entertainment industry has been racked with controversy. Women and men left and right are coming forth with their accusations against well known figures in entertainment, and it does not look like the momentum will be stopping any time soon. 

This is all wonderful news of course, and it is finally shedding a light on the dark side of entertainment. The #MeToo movement is empowering, thrilling and long overdue. The movement received support and coverage at the Golden Globes recently as most female attendees wore black in solidarity. This time at the Grammys, those in support of the movement—men and women—wore or brought a white rose in some form or another. Apparently, the color of the rose, white, was chosen for its symbolic ties to the suffragette movement. 

Most of the time, reporters often scrutinize female artists’ looks and outfits rather than ask about their work and music. In the list, I included men’s outfits as well to respect that women should not be valued based solely upon their appearances. 


1. Lady Gaga 

Doubling a body suit and a large skirt, Lady Gaga keeps it interesting. She deserves mad respect for being able to walk in those platform shoes. 

2. SZA

SZA showed up in this nearly nude piece, which is becoming more of a trend this year on the red carpet. The bottom half’s flow adds to the whole effect making her look like an real life snowflake. 

3. Lana Del Rey 

The queen of apathy’s star crown seems to draw a halo around her head in a reference religious art of the 13th and 14th centuries. Her cream colored dress with metallic accents is also wonderfully understated. 

4. Childish Gambino

What is there not to love about a man who can rock a white suit? Matched with those lovely black loafers, Gambino’s look was on point. 

5. Miley Cyrus

Cyrus has come a long way from the crazy fashion of her Bangerz days and came to the Grammys rocking an all black pants outfit. Her top showed bits of skin, but was still modest. Instead of wearing a white rose corsage like most female artists did, she carried a white rose on a stem. Her glittery heels also add a great accent.

6. DJ Khaled 

A red velvet suit is hard to pull off, but DJ Khaled made it work. He also wore a bowtie without looking dorky. To quote the man himself, “I appreciate that.” 

7. Kelly Clarkson

Clarkson went to the Grammys to present the Best New Artist Award, and wowed in a black dress with gold detail. The sleeves as tassels and her white rose added to the whole effect, making her look like the queen she is. 

8. Anna Kendrick

Kendrick always looks feminine yet powerful, and this was the perfect year to look like both. The power suit paired with the lace top, gold buttons and those awesome pink heels added a “woah” factor. #Girlcrush, anyone? 

8. Khalid 

This is how you rock a pink suit. Also loved his lime green top and simple white rose boutonniere. 

9. Kesha

Kesha is back! Looking better than ever too in her dark blue suit and lovely silver detailing. Her turquoise rings and glitter Chelsea boots give her that extra kick-ass effect. 

10. Camila Cabello 

Looking like a living rose, Cabello steals your breath and shows off her figure in this great red dress. Also particularly loving her little spherical silver purse. 


1. Cardi B

Odd. Honestly just odd. Cardi B’s dress has its own waves, and the back has a pretty nice flow. However, the front is a sad layered attempt, and she looks like a droopy cotton candy. 

2. Pink

Pink is a great singer, and she deserves all the respect for singing while hanging in the air in aerial silks. However, this outfit was a no-go. She looks like a cross between a Furbee and Grimace, the McDonalds character. Any 90’s kids will understand this reference. 

3. Cyndi Lauper

Seriously, why? What could be mistaken as large flowers are actually prints of the Sistine Chapel ceiling as painted by Michaelangelo. The Sistine Chapel is a masterpiece, but it is too much as a suit on Lauper. 

4. Jaden Smith

Smith usually looks great in his nonconforming skirts, but this outfit was just bizarre. Dressed in pants of patchwork fabric, dad sneakers and a large rain jacket, Smith tried too hard to be innovative. 

5. Lil Uzi Vert

The gigantic necklace, the chains and the wide jeans with turquoise detail: it is too difficult to try to understand what is going on with this outfit. 

6. Hailee Seinfeld 

Seinfeld usually stuns on red carpets, but this outfit was too out there. She looks wonderful in the strapless white dress and the high slit. However, her metallic purple boots brings the whole outfit down. 

7. Jenny McCarthy

McCarthy debuted her blue hair at the Grammys, which was fine. However, the rest of it was not. The black sequined dress and black sheer gloves were a no. Also why is she wearing sunglasses? 

8. Tyler the Creator

The sky blue coat and black pants would be fine if he was not wearing a white t-shirt underneath. That ushanka, his Russian hat, was also unsuccessful. 

9. Heidi Klum

While attempting to be part of the nearly nude trend, Klum wore this black piece, but failed. The sheer black fabric shows way too much skin in all the wrong places. 

10. Alessia Cara

The singer appeared with simple black pants, jacket and white-shirt, but it’s all too casual for an event like the Grammys. While dressed in those white sneakers, it is difficult to take Cara seriously in that outfit. 

Photos courtesy of FilmMagic, Getty Images and Recording Academy.

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