The Three Different Types of Spring Breaks

As finals week approaches, it’s hard to keep from thinking about the end of the quarter. At the end of last quarter we got to look forward to fireplaces, hot chocolate, and rain. This time around, we get to look forward to sizzling weather and cold pink lemonade. However, the quarter system only allows us a week off, which leaves little time for huge plans. These are three of the most popular options for this short spring break:


1.     Cabo

…or some variation of a tropical paradise with your closest friends. You can’t wait to be done with this quarter and celebrate in style. You’re heading to a beautiful beach location where your only responsibility is to make your flight. Days are spent on the beach, snorkeling, or at the spa, while your nights are spent clubbing or maybe still on the beach. There really isn’t a much better way to spend your mini vacation than with your best friends getting sun burnt.

2.     Family Vacation

While this may also mean jetting off to glorious beaches, it more often means a cross-country road trip or Disneyland. This option is also great since you get to spend time with your family and make some fantastic memories along the way. Anyone who says they are too old for Disneyland is a sad human. There is no such thing.

3.     Netflix and Chilling…Alone

This is the last, and possibly most popular, of all the options. This is when you go home for break and just can’t anymore. You can’t even with anything. This option is popular amongst those of us who were so busy with classes all quarter you forgot to make plans, or you just knew you wanted to do absolutely nothing over break. All you want is to binge watch “The Office” and occasionally drag yourself out of the house to see your friends from home. Although, it would be nice if they just came to your house so you didn’t have to put on pants.


Whether you’re heading on a trip or plan to stay in bed 24/7, spring break is something to look forward to. In the meantime, don’t let finals get you down. Instead, keep the image of your spring break in your mind so that you’re motivated.