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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Around one year ago, I decided that I wanted to do something fun to ring in the new year. So, to celebrate the beginning of 2023, I bought tickets to a burlesque show that starred my favorite burlesque performer of all time, Dita Von Teese. Of course, having dragged my boyfriend along for the ride, I did a lot of explaining (mostly excited ranting) about why Dita became more and more successful as her career progressed (despite the emphasis on youth in a “beauty-focused” industry) and how she has played an essential role in the continuation and evolution of burlesque as an art form. Burlesque, known for the performance of ultra-glamorous stripteases inspired by the golden eras of the 30s and 40s, gained popularity in the U.S. by the late 1860s and continued to grow and evolve as time passed. Although burlesque performances today include nudity as a main feature, the artform has always tended to emphasize comedy and showmanship. 

Once the clock struck twelve and the performance was over, my perspective had completely shifted and I began to ponder more about concepts like inner beauty, confidence, and authentic self-presentation. Ultimately, this performance made me ask myself, how can I be more like Dita? So, I decided to continue living my life by asking myself, what would Dita do? Or, WWDD, for short. Upon implementing this ideology into my life, I have found that it has led me to sacrifice comfort for authentic self-expression. Rather than staying quiet to simply avoid the awkwardness of making my voice heard, I decided that Dita would make herself proudly take up space and so should I. All of this to say that Miss Von Teese herself has led me to change my mind on many things, with the most prominent being the use of lingerie in everyday life. So, here are some reasons why you should start wearing lingerie everyday (yes, everyday):


For many, lingerie is usually worn for the admiration of other people, whether that be a significant other, a spouse, or even an audience. However, Dita Von Teese presents individuals with an opportunity to engage with lingerie in a much more private manner: wearing lingerie when no one else will get to see it. Although it may seem pointless at a first glance, I urge you to try it. Let yourself enjoy your own little secret as you go about your day and see how one minute change can completely alter your confidence and the way people perceive you. Why not allow yourself to admire yourself the way a significant other would? Try this out and become your own Valentine this February.


Personally, I find that wearing makeup, styling my hair, and even dressing up (or being overdressed, which I usually am) plays a huge part in my daily routine. I find peace in forming a daily ritual that I can rely on, and I think Dita Von Teese would agree. Wearing lingerie can play a huge role in setting this ritual, as it can be a fun way to adorn your body each day, ultimately acting as a physical representation of the love and gratefulness you have for your body. Even if the frills of traditional lingerie aren’t your thing, the establishment of a self-love ritual can become extremely rewarding in the long-term, as it provides you with something that you can rely on as the world constantly changes around you.


Every body is a lingerie body. It’s just a matter of finding pieces that make you feel comfortable and confident. There is no “right time” to start wearing or implementing lingerie into your daily routine. You don’t need to change anything (and I mean anything) about yourself before trying or buying lingerie. In fact, if you don’t feel confident enough to go out and try on some lingerie pieces, I would argue that you should be doing exactly that. I promise that you will end up surprising yourself. The right piece of lingerie can be an absolute game changer when it comes to confidence-boosting and highlighting your natural beauty. So, what are you waiting for? Remember, keep calm and ask yourself, “What Would Dita Do?”.

These were some reasons why you should wear lingerie everyday. Hopefully this becomes a fun late New Year’s resolution for you. Stay glamorous and confident with the power of lingerie!

Autumn Morgan is a third-year Film & Television major at UCLA who grew up in the San Fernando Valley. She thoroughly enjoys being overdressed and reading women’s divorce fiction. In her free time, you can find her laying by a river eating fruit.