The Ten Most Annoying Types of Texters

Texting is not rocket science, but we all have that one friend who just miserably fails at it. Here are the ten most annoying types of texters. 

1. The friend who doesn't respond to your text, yet has read receipts on, so you know that he/she saw it

2. The friend who responds to your text three days after you sent it

3. The friend who texts with absolutely no emotions

4. The friend who texts you “hello?” multiple times when you don’t respond to their texts right away

5. The friend who blows up your group text messages for kicks and giggles

6. The friend who is really mean over text

7. The friend who is always texting other people when you're hanging out

8. The “friend” who texts “you up” at 3am

9. The friend who makes up lame excuses for why they couldn't text you back when texting literally takes one second 

10. The friend who writes really long and overly thorough texts

*Hero Image from the Odyssey Online, GIFS from GIPHY, and text image by Hannah Wren