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As LA fashion week quickly approaches, many of you fashionistas may be wondering how you can spice up your wardrobe with the newest fall trends. Living in LA, home to many of the biggest name celebs, definitely pressures the average Bruinette to dress her best at all times. After all, you never know which campus cutie (http://www.hercampus.com/school/UCLA/cuties) might have his eyes on you! Being college students though, most of us don’t have the finances to simply spend hundreds of dollars on a blouse. However, numerous high fashion styles can be replicated with very similar pieces for under 100 bucks! Best of all, many of these pieces are staples that can be mixed and matched with other bolder items.

Most of us know her from either The Hills or Laguna Beach: Lauren Conrad. Her impeccable style and keen eye for fashion has reasoned her to become one of Hollywood’s best-dressed celebs. You can easily imitate her spunky yet feminine legging and blazer duo without cashing out. This outfit is perfect for a Saturday night date!

 Blazer-$28.90, Forever 21
Black Leggings-$14.80, Forever 21
Sheer Tank-$7.50, Charlotte Russe
Black Heels-$22.80, Forever 21
Clutch-$9.99, Wet Seal
Bangles-$2.80, Forever 21
Necklace-$1.80, Forever 21
Total: $88.29


If you’re like me and watch the show Heart of Dixie, you can understand my desire to want to remake all of Rachel Bilson’s outfits. On and off the camera, she always looks classy and put together. This ensemble is great for a casual brunch or dinner.

Jacket-$27.80, Forever 21
Blouse-$13.80, Forever 21
Pants-$17.80, Forever 21
Wedges-$35.50, Charlotte Russe
Total: $99.90

Who doesn’t love and adore Kendall Jenner?! Her sweet demeanor and cute style makes her a fashion icon for teen girls everywhere. With a family of fashion idols, no wonder she takes after her older sisters and rocks any outfit. This simple skirt and blouse combination has just enough pop of color for a night out with the girls!

Blouse-$15.80, Forever 21
Skirt-$14.80, Forever 21
Oxford Shoes-$14.99, Alloy
Total: $45.59

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