Study Tips For Your Zodiac Sign



An Aries loves fun and adventure, so they tend to learn by trying unorthodox methods. Try creating a study group that is open to the whole class and anyone can join. The bold offer will attract other like-minded individuals and you’re bound to get great results out of it.


Taurus like to experience learning through all their senses, so try to use that to your advantage by watching videos and listening to music while you study. Taurus are also known to be very stubborn, so use this stubbornness to your advantage by refusing to put the flashcards down until you’ve mastered the subject.


Gemini are known for being on able to switch up their personalities from one moment to another in a matter of minutes. Try using these mood swings to study by switching up your study spots. Move around; don’t study in the same spot for too long.


Cancers are known for enjoying personal connections with others, which is what makes them such social media addicts! While you’re studying, make sure to block all your social media! Social media during midterm and finals season will be the death of you if you don’t learn how to put it away.


Leos love attention. They constantly want to excel in very aspect of their life, so studying can a be a very stressful venture when they’re feeing bombarded with the pressure of having to be the best. Try to move away from this mentality. It will stress you out and not allow you to seek help when you need it. Another thing about Leos is that they tend to learn better when the same study spot is used over and over again, consistency is key.


Virgos are known to be very organized and detail-orientated. Virgos are ones you see with the beautiful colorful notes. This is your time to thrive, Virgo, use your organizational skills to get your life together and begin create a schedule that will allow you to cover all or at least most of the material in a timely matter. Virgos learn better when they plan out ahead their study schedules.


Libra, the queen of justice and balance. Balance is very important in a Libra’s life and testing season can throw Libras off balance, mostly with the lack of sleep. This is why during this season, it’s important you remember to catch your Z’s.


Try listening to motivational music that will utilize your fiery personality to get in touch with the subject.


Sagittarius are known for being social butterflies. So during testing season be sure to limit your social distractions. Remember your school responsibilities. Get to work and don’t try to bring the biggest squad with you to the library, that may not be the best option.


Capricorns are known for being realists, which can be a hard trait to combat during midterms and finals season when you just know you’re going to final that test. Stray away from these viscous thoughts, keep a clear head and move forward with your studies.


Aquarius are some of the most creative of the signs, use this creativity to your advantage by accompanying doodles with your notes!

Gif courtesy of GIPHY