A Step-By-Step Guide To Wrapping the Most Aesthetic-Looking Gifts for Your Loved Ones

I absolutely love wrapping presents for my family and friends, and it is easily one of my favorite parts of the Christmas season. Since I was a kid, I have had a reputation for giving neatly-wrapped gifts, and the process has become a ritual for me every year. I turn on the Christmas lights, burn a winter-themed candle and either put on a trashy reality TV show or blast holiday music (usually Michael Bublé’s Christmas album - this is the best holiday album, and no one can tell me any different). 

As I have gotten older, I have further incorporated other decorative elements to enhance the festive aesthetic on my gift wrapping. I am going to pass along my best tips for making presents look just as beautiful as the people who are going to receive them! 

  1. 1. Find cute wrapping paper and coordinating ribbon.

    Choosing wrapping paper and ribbon that complement each other is not only important in making the gift look pretty, but it is also such a fun, creative process! Wrapping paper can reflect the person that the gift is being given to, which adds another depth of thoughtfulness. Also, you do not even have to feel obligated to use wrapping paper. Newspapers and grocery bags can substitute just fine, and they even give a vintage look. 

    The ribbon can have interesting patterns that juxtapose the paper, or it can be a solid color. It is up to you! My biggest tip here is to get ribbon with wire in it because it more easily holds a bow shape, and it looks perkier overall. 

  2. 2. Cut and fit the wrapping paper. 

    Wrapping the present can be the hardest part, but having the proper-sized paper can make all the difference. Roughly measure before cutting! It may even be easier to use wrapping paper with dotted lines on the inside. These lines are meant to guide wrappers and make cutting easier. However, do not panic if your wrapping paper does not have these lines! Place your gift closer to an edge of the paper rather than the middle, which will guarantee that you'll at least have that one straight side.

    Gently fold over both sides of the paper on the top of the box to see if you have enough. The paper should slightly overlap on top of each other so that the box is not exposed. Always cut a little extra to be safe.

    For the sides, make sure that the paper covers up little past halfway. This ensures that the sides do not get bulky or strange due to excess paper.

    Then, cut the paper out!

  3. 3. Wrap the top and bottom.

    Fold the paper on the top, and make sure the sides are aligned evenly. This is when having the box positioned near on an edge of the paper comes in handy! You know that this line is already straight because you never had to cut it, and it comes straight anyway.

    To get even cleaner lines, tape one side of the paper down, and pull it taut without ripping anything. Fold the other side on top of it, and tape it down.

  4. 4. Fold the sides in.

    I do not like to see any visible tape on the top of the gift, so that means the side with the tape now becomes the bottom of the box.

    When I fold the sides, I create a trapezoid shape by bending down the corners and making a clean crease. I like to fold the bottom trapezoid down first, and then do the top one, because I think it looks neater. I just want to get the tape as far away from the top as possible, and this allows me to do that.

  5. 5. Add and tie the ribbon!

    The gift should be completely wrapped at this point, so now I can have some fun with ribbon! I will lay the ribbon out horizontally so that the top of the gift (non-taped side) is laying on it. I will wrap it around the gift, and cross the ribbon to now have it go in a vertical direction. I want to have the ribbon resting as flat as possible so it does not make the box uneven when it sits underneath the tree. Now, the ribbon will go back to the top of the box, and I can tie it in a bow. I tie it like a normal shoelace, but I make the loops and remaining ribbon even. Since the ribbon has wire, I am able to position it how I want. I flip the loops out so they look even perkier.

    If I decide to layer two ribbons, I tape the edges together so they end up being the same length and do not separate in the tying process. If I am feeling spicy, I may add cute gift tags to add to the aesthetic!

That is my whole process! Giving my loved ones such beautiful-looking presents is a relaxing and enjoyable experience, but in the end, it is about giving to and loving the person who is receiving the present. Have fun giving and happy wrapping!