Stay in Touch! A Summer and Friendship

Papers are getting turned in. Exams are being graded. This means that the year is coming to a close. For some, this may be exciting. Maybe this summer you are travelling or spending time at home with family and old friends. For others, this may bring a bit of sorrow because you may not be able to see some of your friends for a few months… But do not fear! There are many ways to stay in contact with your pals, and to create fun ways to have your long distant friends apart of your summer experience.

Of course, FaceTime and Skype are the best ways to keep in contact. You can basically have your friends right there with you. A positive aspect of Skype is that you can Skype multiple different people on one call, seeing your group of friends all at once. Want to have a movie night together? Put that Skype on and there you go.

The best thing to do in regards to Skyping is to schedule times in advance to keep regularly talking to your friends. Although there are discrepancies with this, considering that a lot of your friends might be in different time zones or might be travelling. Making the effort to create a time where you and your friends can take time to catch up is important.

If you are travelling this summer, one of the best ways to show your friends that you are thinking of them is to send them postcards and letters from where you are. This way, they can receive an authentic gift from somewhere new in the world and also, know that you are thinking of them even from across the world.

What’s most important is to just keep communicating with your friends, to keep the bond strong. Whether it be a couple phone calls every week, Snapchats every day, or texting, you will be able to keep contact with your friends and experience the summer altogether, even if you are far from one another.

Photo Courtesy: Flickr