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Spotify Came Out With An AI DJ, And It’s Kind Of Good?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

By now, we’ve pretty much all experimented with or encountered AI in some way, whether using ChatGPT for homework help, toying with TikTok filters, allowing iMessage or Google Docs to autocomplete our sentences or using the traffic predictions in Google Maps. Some of these uses are so normalized that we’re hardly surprised when new, slight developments occur. But I personally did not see a Spotify AI DJ coming


The lil intros just make it more personal idk #spotify #ai #newfeature p.s ily @Charlie Puth

♬ original sound – Rachael Taylor 🩷

I genuinely could not believe that no one was talking about or even knew about the new Spotify AI. Even my super tech-obsessed computer science boyfriend had no idea the DJ (his name is Xavier, so I will respectfully call him by his name from here on out) existed. The only reason I even found him was because I was bored-scrolling through my Spotify home page on my laptop. 

I’m honestly kind of bummed out that no one is talking about Xavier because he actually works. He does everything that Spotify Wrapped, Release Radar, Daily Mix and Artist Radios does. He elegantly groups together sets based on your listening patterns. Not to mention, Xavier both introduces and offers fun facts and tidbits about the sets he curates for you. Plus, you can skip any set he plays if you’re not feeling it. 


this is actually so cool when you think about #tech #techtok #spotifydj spotify’s new ai dj feature

♬ original sound – Nathan Espinoza

When I first experimented with AI DJ, I was genuinely amazed, not only at the vast array of music Xavier successfully came up with but also at how well the songs within each set he curated worked together. He successfully grouped the songs I had “on repeat” into sets where the genre or the vibes of the songs perfectly meshed. For instance, Nirvana, Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chili Peppers might be grouped in one “rock” set, Car Seat Headrest, The Backseat Lovers and Hippo Campus in the next “indie” set. Xavier also wonderfully curates sets based on what I was listening to in a specific year, much like Spotify Wrapped but with the bonus of his jazzy voice (which sounds very real, I might add) and fun facts about that year in general. 


this is why spotify is the best

♬ original sound – elizabitch

Bravely, I publicly tested Xavier while on aux at a little Fall nacho night with my roomies. I can confidently say he was a success. Not only did he play everyone’s favorite indie bops, but he also introduced a fun Fall Spotify playlist based on my recent listening. We were dancing in the kitchen after about ten minutes. Side note: I must apologize because we lovingly named him Robert at the time, not knowing that he had previously introduced himself as Xavier.

Moral of the story: Xavier is so much fun, and I recommend everyone check him out. He artfully combines all of our favorite Spotify exclusives in one and is a fun and refreshing new use of AI. I hope he gets some of the attention he deserves in the near future.

Kylee is a fourth-year at UCLA double-majoring in Communication and English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Her poems have been published in Train River Poetry, The Mandarin, Open Ceilings, and our very own Westwind (among others). She also writes feature articles for Her Campus at UCLA. In her free time, she acts, drinks way too much coffee, romanticizes everything, and buys more books than she can keep up with.