Snag Your Favorite (Affordable) Oscar Looks

It's always fun to watch the Oscar's Red Carpet and gawk over the gorgeous gowns we see our favorite actresses dressed up in. Many of them are undoubtedly the prom dresses of our high school dreams. But the instant we hear "Who are you wearing?," followed by the designer label-  Fendi, Versace, Prada - we know that our dreams will stay dreams with those prices. 

But have no fear! If the style of one of those Oscar dresses captured your heart, you can find very similar styles for reasonable prices on Tobi has rapidly become the place where many girls go to find dresses for formals, date parties, and even maxi dresses for a casual day at the beach or walking around town. The quality is great and the dollar signs won't scare you nearly as much as the thought of those designer labels. 

Here are some of our favorite Oscars gowns that you can channel on a budget from Tobi! 


1. Charlize Theron's Dior Gown 

Alternatively choose... 

The Bold Move Maxi Dress - $50


2. Margot Robbie's Gold Sequined Tom Ford Dress 

Alternatively choose... 

After Hours Sequin Dress - $100


3. Julianne Moore's Chanel Gown 

Alternatively choose... 

Miss His Kisses Mesh Maxi Dress -$56

4. Olivia Munn's Stella McCartney Gown

Alternatively choose...

Sideswipe Bodycon Dress - $44 (different length and color - but you still get the sheek off the shoulder look!) 

5. Jenifer Flavin in Yves Saint Lauren Couture Dress 

Alternatively choose...

Slit Second Maxi Dress - $46 

6. Sophie Turner's Galvan Gown 


Alternatively choose... 

Helix Draped Metallic Maxi Dress - $74

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