Senior Spotlight: UCLA HC Senior Editor, Emily Lentz

Alice In Wonderland may feature a Queen of Hearts, but in the case of one of our Senior Editors, Emily Lentz, she's the Queen of the Red Pen. Managing, editing and filtering the articles that make us go "wow" are just some of her many duties. We had a chance to sit down with Emily to learn more about what it's like curating all the content for Her Campus at UCLA. 

Her Campus: What's your major and year?

Emily Lentz: I am a fourth year English major, and I am a transfer student here at UCLA.

HC: What is your position and what’s a day in the life of a HC editor like?

EL: I am the current Senior Editor for Her Campus at UCLA. A day in the life of an HC Editor is filled with assigning pitches, collaborating with our group of writers, a lot of time reading over articles and most importantly, making sure that all the content created is perfectly written and organized.

HC: What made you want to be a part of HC?

EL: I first heard of Her Campus when I saw that they were hiring before I transferred to UCLA. What drew me to the magazine and the club was how inclusive it is, and I saw it as an opportunity to get to know fellow bruins and to finally get my writing out in the world. 

HC: What are you going to miss most about HC? What are you ready to say sayonara to?

EL: I am going to be so sad to leave Her Campus because it really became a place for me to connect with other people and contribute to something great. It's the people I'm going to miss most, and I am not yet ready to say sayonara! 

HC: What's a lesson that HC has taught you?

EL: Her Campus taught me that I have a voice and that I should use it. It also really brought me out of my comfort zone and really helped me tackle a lot of anxiety that I struggle with. 

HC: Best advice for budding editors?

EL: The best advice that I could offer is to trust your gut, but to also know that there is a point where you need to step away from a piece of writing. You never want to edit so much that the writer no longer recognizes their work.

HC: How have your journalism skills grown since being an editor?

EL: Becoming an editor has really given me a behind-the-scenes look into how the organization is run. Being a part of the executive board has taught me a lot about what is appropriate or not for the magazine, and I now truly know the brand and the voice of Her Campus. 

HC: Most memorable moment being a HC Senior Editor?

EL: I have many memorable moments from being a part of Her Campus. Before I became an editor, I was part of the writing team, and I remember the first time I had an article published, it felt so exciting! Seeing my name accompanied with a piece of writing for a magazine was so fulfilling. As an editor, the most memorable moment was seeing one of our writer's article being shared nationally and having been one of the people who edited the work. Any time one of our writers succeeds, us editors feel so proud of them.

HC: What parting words of wisdom do you have for upcoming seniors?

EL: My advice for upcoming seniors is to always remember that your gpa isn't everything and that having memorable moments is just as important as slaying your classes. While the "real world" may seem scary, it's just another chapter in your life that you will conquer. You already made it this far—how hard can it be?

Emily, we will miss you but we are so excited to see what fantastic things you do in the future. 

Congratulations on graduating and go Class of 2019!