Seafolly's Secrets to Picking the Perfect Fit Swimsuit

With summer quickly approaching, now is the best time to find the perfect swimsuit for all those days partying, tanning, swimming and surfing at the beach. We met with self-proclaimed Swimwear enthusiast and Seafolly swimwear Marketing Director Toni Westlake to learn how to pick out the perfect swimsuit. Seafolly is the top swimwear brand in Australia, but luckily, they recently opened a store in our Century City mall.

For me, swimsuit shopping can get extremely overwhelming. I hate having to choose between different styles, prints and sizes. Toni recommends trying on as many options as possible so you can see how each one fits on your body. It might look good on the wall, but you will not know if it's meant to be until you try it on and see how it fits on your body.

Toni shared that the Seafolly staff spends six months learning how to check sizes and determine which styles fit each body type. Seafolly carries each print in a variety of swimsuit styles in order to fit each and every body type. Most sales associates will be "waiting in the wings with the style they know will fit your body type," and will hop in with those suggestions in the same print as the ones you might currently be trying on (Westlake).

Swimsuits, alongside bras and jeans, are extremely difficult to shop for as "they either fit or they are horrible" (Westlake). It's important to ask for help from sales associates and even ask friends or women in the dressing rooms for their opinions on the fit. 

Something important to keep in mind while swimsuit shopping is that the swimsuit you purchase works for whatever occasion you plan to wear it. Some ladies are more active and need to be able to jump and swim without anything falling out of place. Others might just need something that looks good and is great for tanning. "The Seafolly girl is active, she is jumping and surfing and needs to be able to do that without any worries" (Westlake). 

My favorite part about Seafolly swimsuits is that they are all adjustable. You can change the shoulder, neck or chest sizes on most styles. Swimsuits are also available in bra sizes A to F, so they can accommodate all sizes. Every print also comes in different padding options for the top and different coverage options for the bottom. Basically every print is offered in every swimsuit style type. 

It is also really important to take good care of your swimsuits and wash them properly. You wouldn't want your swimsuit to stretch out or the fabric to get ruined. Since swimsuits are a seasonal item, there's no need to repeat the stress of purchasing a new one each year even if you're a swimsuit shopping pro.