Say "Bun Voyage" to Hairy Situations: 6 Cute & Easy Bun Hairstyles for Any Occasion

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Fall quarter is kicking in at full force, which means a chaos of assignments, midterms and club meetings coming your way. With those late nights of studying and early morning lectures, getting ready for the day can be hard. And bad hair days are honestly the worst...

Anyone else ever wake up to discover that a tangled bush has sprouted on your head overnight? Ease your mane troubles. Here are six cute bun hairstyles that are quick and easy to do, inspired by Bed Head by TIGI from our Her Campus Survival Kits. 

1. “Bun Solo”The messy high bun takes center stage 


- Pull all of your hair into a high ponytail and tie it with a hairband.

- Form a circle with your index finger and thumb, then place your ponytail through the circle.

- Wrap your hair around the circle in loops until there’s nothing left to wrap and tie with a second hairband. To get the “messy” look, gently pull out any fly-aways or loose strands.

2. “Low Bun, High Profile” - Easiest style, classiest look 


- Gather your hair around the top of your neck and wrap tightly around in loops until a low bun is formed.

- Tuck any leftover strands into the hairband that you used to secure the bun.

- To frame your face, pull out a couple pieces of your front hairs.

3. "The Half-Do" - Only half the effort


- Section the top half of your hair and separate from the bottom half.

- Tie the top part as a ponytail, letting the rest of your hair hang loose (how high you place your ponytail is up to you).

- Follow the same steps of creating your bun as listed under bun #1, excluding the bottom half of your hair. Note: this bun will be smaller! 

4. "Galaxy Buns" - Because two is always better than one ;)


- Part your hair down and separate into two sections.

- Tie each section into two low ponytails with hairbands.

- With one ponytail, begin twisting while holding down. 

- Once your bundle of hair is all twisted, wrap it upward around the band and secure with another hairband.

- Tuck any loose strands into your hairband and use bobby pins for further support. Repeat these steps on your second ponytail. 

5. "The Braided Bun" A braid for more flair! It’s not extra I swear...


- French braid your hair until you get to the middle and tie with a hairband, releasing the rest of your hair as a ponytail.

- Similar to bun #4, twist the ponytail in a downward motion and then wrap around the band.

- Fasten loose strands with bobby pins or tuck in to your hairband.

6. "Side-Look"All buns, step a-side  


- Gather your hair into a low ponytail and pull to the side, beneath your ear.

- After tying your ponytail, braid the rest of your hair.

- Without tying the end, loop the braid around the band that is tied and secure with another hairband.

- To give the bun more volume, gently pull small strands of the braid. 

The beauty of these bun styles is that they’re all quick and simple. As a college student, having to run around campus and juggle hectic schedules is the norm. With the college student grind in mind, I recommend using a good hairspray after finishing each look, like Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Hairspray and TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray. A couple spritzes of either product will secure the bun in place and keep your hairstyle looking fresh throughout the day, no matter how busy you are!