Rogue One Breakout Star Diego Luna


rogue oneThe Mexican actor Diego Luna has made his debut in the Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars Anthology. This is an immense victory for diversity in the American film industry. With the current political climate in the United States, we are forced to look for every little victory of diversity we can find. Diego Luna is not the only one making a win in the film industry: Felicity Jones plays the lead role in the movie. This is a big step for women in the film industry, Felicity Jones is not just used as a prop of sexuality in the action movie, which a lot of action movies tend to do. Rather, Jones has an active role of heroine.

Luna’s charter is shown throughout the movie speaking in Luna’s native Mexican accent. This is particularly interesting because Luna has always been adamant about keeping his accent in all the roles he plays and not trying to hide it. In an interview, when asked about how his accent had affected his role in Rogue One, he jokingly answered that it didn’t—he’s Mexican and has an accent. Luna also mentions that cinema is supposed to represent the world we live in, so it only makes sense to have a diverse cast. He also says that Gareth Edwards, the director, told him his accent was what made him special and a unique addition to Rogue One. So here’s to Star Wars, which continues to teach us life lessons along the way.