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Review: Phillip Phillips Rocks the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles

While promoting his new album Collateral, Phillip Phillips took the stage last night in Los Angeles and killed it! His roots may be from the reality TV show American Idol, but Phillip Phillips has really found his footing in the music world. With a band to back him up and the catchiest tunes on today’s radio, Phillips is killing the game.

What was unique and special about both Philip Philips and his opening act, The Ballroom Thieves, is that they both performed with energy that engaged the audience throughout their entire sets. Everyone was constantly clapping their hands, singing along and dancing with their friends. You could really tell that the singers and musicians were having a blast! When they are having fun, it makes the concert-goers have even more fun, which we certainly did last night! Phillips played the perfect amount of his classic singles from his debut album, along with a few new tracks, and of course a couple of covers.

The first cover of the night was Carl Carlton’s “She’s a Bad Mama Jama,” which suits Phillips very well because of his jazzy vibes. It was a perfect addition to the set list because those who don’t know any of his music were able to rock out to something familiar to them! The crowd really got into “Gone, Gone, Gone,” and the energy Phillips gave to this classic tune of his continued throughout the night into his most popular single, “Home,” and even until the very last song, “My Name.”

The highlight of the concert, though hard to pick, was definitely when he came back on for an encore. Encores are so common nowadays that we thought he was just going to play another one of his own hits. Nope, he played his classic cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” putting his own folky/alternative spin on it. People in the audience were literally doing the “Thriller” dance, and it was awesome! It felt like 13 Going On 30! We were really having the time of our lives! 

The night sadly had to come to an end, but the great time that we had at the concert is something that we’ll hold onto for a long time! All in all, we would 10/10 recommend seeing Philip Philips live in concert because his energy, beautiful voice, and well-written songs do not disappoint. He is not just another American Idol winner. 

Photos courtesy of Holly-Noelle Haworth

Emily is a graduate of UCLA and former Senior Editor of Her Campus at UCLA. During her free time, Emily loves to read, travel and binge-watch episodes of Gilmore Girls. She can be reached at [email protected]
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