Review: HAIM Slays Their Set Opening For Beyoncé at Coachella

HAIM is the ultimate girl band. Consisting of three sisters, Este, Danielle and Alana, HAIM features each of the girls playing instruments, like the drums and the guitar, all while singing vocals at the same time. The Los Angeles natives took the stage Saturday night to showcase their talent and passion for music and performing.

The girl power that the bandmates give off is just one important element of what makes up their band. Alana Haim pumped the crowd up for Beyoncé by asking if we could “feel the lady power on [the] stage already,” and went on to claim Beyoncé as her “queen.”

Along with praising Beyoncé and what she stands for, the band even stated a little tribute to Prince, whom Este remembered seeing on that very stage 10 years ago.

As lovers of all things LA, the girls shouted out the San Fernando Valley and even played visuals of Ventura Boulevard during their smash hit “Want You Back.”

The vibes from the girls and the comradery they feel towards each other made its way through the crowd, where the attendees were going wild and dancing their hearts out. However, it was during “The Wire” that the crowd really got pumped up. Looking around, it was obvious that even if guests didn’t know the words to the songs, they were still having the time of their lives.

The girls ended their set with “Right Now,” where they hit the drums hard and in sync for an absolutely stunning drum performance with silver aesthetics. When they finished the song, they took a minute to just embrace each other. The three sisters made me wish I had some of my own, and their love for each other was inspiring. It was such a cool visual, and they really knew how to rock the stage, even for such a big crowd. 

While Saturday night may have been more about Beyoncé and her set, HAIM really brought the energy and passion that the audience needed in order to prepare for Queen Bey.