Review: Echosmith Closes Out Their ‘Inside a Dream’ Tour in Los Angeles

On Saturday night, the Los Angeles natives took the stage at the Fonda Theater for one last show and rocked our world. They opened up with their song “18,” with confetti flying everywhere. What made this concert different from the others we have seen at this same venue was the band’s use of props and theatrics; we were showered with colorful confetti, and we were not mad about it. The night was already off to a great start as they faded into their smash hit, “Let’s Love.”

Aside from the production value of their show, Echosmith is special because the band is composed of three siblings. Lead singer, Sydney Seriota, is accompanied on stage by her brother Graham on the drums and her brother Noah on bass. Their musical talent and ability to perform is undeniable. Their parents must be so proud!

As first-time viewers, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we were ultimately blown away by the talent, joy and comradery of the whole night. The crowd was involved in many songs—attendees screamed out RIGHT NOW over and over during “Future Me,” got handed flowers during “Tell Her You Love Her” and even got photographed and filmed with the band several times. One lucky fan, Zoey, was even invited onto the stage during “Talking Dreams.”

The performance that the musicians put on was so fun, and they were all obviously in love with what they were doing. Sydney deliberately fell during a line in “Hungry” that mentions falling, and the siblings did little dances to several songs—it was dramatic in the best way possible.

Being the last night of tour was bittersweet for the band, but they could not have been happier to share it with their hometown. Sydney noted that it was her favorite night on tour, saying “we’ve played all the shows, so I can safely say that LA, you are my favorite.”

During a break from the stage for Sydney, Noah took the time to personally thank us for being there for their closing show: “Los Angeles. My home. It is such a joy and a privilege to be singing with you guys, to be singing along with you guys.” He was right about this. Everyone was singing along, especially when they performed their new single “Over My Head,” and by that point, Sydney was back, dressed in sparkly pants and a black turtleneck. 

Echosmith’s collection of songs is versatile, to say the least. We heard Sydney's personal favorite, “Get Into My Car,” where everyone was dancing, clapping and waving their hands and then immediately heard the gorgeous ballad “Tell Her You Love Her”.

To top off the night of jam packed hits, Echosmith then went into an extraordinary cover of the Killers’ “When We Were Young.” However, a favorite of the night was definitely "Goodbye." They even brought out their tour openers to engage in a fun-filled performance with giant balloons full of confetti, which were eventually popped and poured out onto the crowd.

After faking out the attendees, Echosmith closed their show by performing their most famous song “Cool Kids,” and it was pretty epic. Again, we were showered with confetti. We were even finding it in our clothes after we were home! 

Needless to say, Echosmith sure knows how to make concert goers feel involved, all while having the time of their lives in a safe space where everyone is welcome.

We really do feel like cool kids now.