Results of the Great 2016 HCUCLA Raffle

The Great Her Campus UCLA Giveaway of 2016 has come to a close! Thank you to all who stopped by our hugely successful free raffle event on Bruin Walk on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We had over 50 people enter our raffle and dozens more walk away with free swag like Monthly Gift goodies, Vera Bradley ID Cards, sunglasses, Cold-EEZE, Azo cranberry gummies, "Now You See Me 2" hats and t-shirts, and so much more. 

We also raffled off our biggest items of the year, just in time for summer. Check out the list of winners below:

Vera Bradley blanket: Melissa 

Vera Bradley tote bag: Catherine

Proactiv kit: Daisy

Camelbak resusable water bottles: Sharon, Brenna and Allison

Vera Bradley wallet: Erica

"Now You See Me 2" movie tickets: Marissa, Cathy, Jenna, Sweena, Akruti, Emma, Laprice, and Lana. 

"The Sleep Revolution" book by Ariana Huffington: Jacqueline and Allison. 


We also made Women's Health Kits thanks to the generosity of our HC Survival Kits! These were given out on Bruin Walk. Please don't foget to check us out on Facebook and Instagram for more chances to win future giveaways. 

And swag we received from the new "Now You See Me 2" movie featuring Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg and Daniel Radcliffe.