Recipe: Pink Party Rose Popsicles

Check out this super easy recipe for a yummy and pretty summer treat- Pink Party Rosé Popsicles!

What you'll need:

-A bottle of pink bubbly rosé


-Your favorite fresh fruits- I recommend strawberries and blueberries

-Popsicle mold


1.) Chop up your fruits or put them in a blender. Leave some bigger pieces for decorations and some smaller pieces to mix in for taste.

2.) Mix your rose, smaller pieces of fruits, and a few squirts of honey into a bowl. Mix well.

3.) Drop a few bigger pieces of the fruits in each popsicle mold.

4.) Fill up each mold with 1/2 left at the top with the mixture from above.

5.) Place in freezer and patiently wait... I know, it can be hard.

6.) Take out of freezer and share with friends! Make sure to put the mold in warm water before attempting to pull it out so it sticks together.

Photos Courtesy of Sara Zaghi