The Pros & Cons Of Replacing Your Notebooks With An iPad

Have you ever considered buying an iPad and never touching a piece of paper again? (You can probably tell I’m a little biased.) Well, I’m here to help you finalize that decision. Here are some pros and cons for replacing your paper notebooks with an iPad:


You save money while saving the environment!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Yes, an iPad is kind of expensive (okay, very expensive)...But when you think about it in the long term, you are in fact saving money. No more Target runs for notebooks, graphing paper, loose leaf, notecards, pens or pencils—everything and more can be done all on this one device. As a result of this efficiency you’re also helping save trees, so it’s a win-win for everyone.

Your notes are more organized and precise.

Because the iPad allows you to store all of your notes in one place, organization is a piece of cake. I love the app Notability. It lets you organize your notes into folders which can then be organized into dividers.

With the iPad, you can choose to type or handwrite your notes; color-code them; copy, paste, resize, and move things around; add images, figures, or drawings; and even record the lectures and discussions as you make the notes. It just makes everything easier and more efficient.

You won’t break your back walking back-and-forth from campus all day.

The iPad, especially the newest version, is so light. You won’t believe how weightless it is until you’ve held one yourself. This is so convenient when it comes to the daily trek every college student has to make to campus and back. All you need is your iPad—no notebooks, pencil case, looseleaf, calculator, or expandable. It truly makes you feel like you’re walking on air.


It’s very expensive.

As mentioned earlier, buying an iPad is no easy task when it costs an arm and a leg. Although I personally believe that getting an iPad is a good investment, not everyone has the financial stability or resources to purchase one.

If something happens to it, all of your data could be lost.

The reason I say could instead of will is because you can prevent data loss! All you have to do is remember to backup your iPad every month or two to a computer or hard drive and all of your information will be safe. If you don’t back it up, you could end up losing everything if it breaks or is stolen.

It can become a distraction.

Although the iPad is an extremely useful tool, it can also be quite a distraction. There are endless apps to experiment with, including games and social media. Trust me, playing Bubble Cloud or Magic Piano on a bigger screen is so much more fun, but also a huge waste of time. But, if you’re able to control your gaming and Snapchatting impulses, you can conquer the iPad’s temptations.

I stopped using paper notebooks in the fall of 2013 and do not regret my decision at all. Although I have had a few problems with it in the past, it has been immensely beneficial in my life, especially with school. I am definitely 100% pro-iPad, and several of my friends who also own one agree. Our society is becoming more and more tech-based, so might as well join the bandwagon!