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Profile: Vice President of Bruin Film Society Priyanka Kapoor

Celebrity actors? Check. A theatre full of Bruins? Check. Buttery popcorn? Triple-check. Being in the center of the entertainment capital of the world certainly has its perks, but what makes Bruin Film Society Vice President Priyanka Kapoor excited is connecting others over her passion for film. Her Campus sat down with Priyanka to discuss women in film and what movies she can't live without. 

Her Campus: What is Bruin Film Society and what do you do in your role? 

Priyanka Kapoor: Bruin Film Society is UCLA’s premiere undergraduate film club! We hold weekly meetings where we screen and discuss films, in addition to free on-campus screenings of upcoming movies. We also hold a number of off-campus events, such as theater trips, premieres, and film festivals. As Vice President, I’m in charge of running our weekly meetings, writing our weekly newsletter, and collaborating with the rest of the board to plan upcoming events. I joined the club because film has been a major part of my life for so long, and I wanted to take advantage of all that LA had to offer in that front, as well as helping others do the same.

HC: What is one of the films that has most impacted you and why?

PK: This is such a tough question because I think all of my favorite films have impacted me in some way. Maybe my answer is a little cliché, but it has to be When Harry Met Sally. It’s my mom’s favorite movie, and one of the first films I watched which the dialogue just felt effortless and I actually felt like I was getting to know the characters. They felt so real and human to me, which most romantic comedies (and movies in general!) struggle to do. I’m also a romantic comedy fanatic, and this one is a staple.

HC: What do you think about the film industry and the role of women in it?

PK: Women have been shut out of Hollywood on every single level: whether it be blatant misuse of executive power, lack of women in nearly every step of the filmmaking process, or the treatment of women on and off screen. This has been the case historically and continues to occur today. While there are more female directors, most of their work continues to be in the indie space (with exceptions) and often go unrecognized by award ceremonies. For just as many female stories that are being told, abusers continue to get jobs. Also, this is not a story that can be told without the aspect of intersectionality: the number of women of color in Hollywood is even more dismal. It’s a systemic issue and one that can only be tackled at every single level: more female executives will provide platforms to female stories and storytellers, who will in turn hire more women. There is an obvious hunger for female-led stories and narratives—it’s just a matter of Hollywood letting those stories being told. All that being said, I’m excited for the female stories that are coming up this year!

HC: Film that should’ve won an Oscar? The actress that should’ve won an Oscar?

PK: A recent film that should’ve won an Oscar: Lady Bird. An actress that should’ve won an Oscar: Amy Adams for Enchanted/Arrival/Doubt.

HC: How do you plan to take over the world? (Aka, post-grad plans)

PK: I'm hoping to work in the entertainment industry to help produce meaningful content and different kinds of stories! 

HC: How can people get involved in the Bruin Film Society? How many members do you have currently in the organization? 

PK: There are a ton of ways to get involved with BFS! We currently have over 2,000 people subscribed to our newsletter and around 50 to 70 active members this year. You can start by liking our Facebook page and signing up for our weekly newsletter. These are great ways to learn more about upcoming events. Our weekly meetings this quarter are Wednesdays at 8pm in Dodd 121.

HC:  What are some of the upcoming events that you have planned?

PK: Because we are in the middle of awards season, we have an award ceremony of our own: The BFS Awards. Our members choose the best in film of 2018, and we announce the winners along with monologues, montages, and more! This year, it will be held on Wednesday, February 27th at 8pm in Dodd 121. It’s one of our biggest events, and it’s going to be a great time.

I’m also very proud to be co-chairing a Women in Entertainment Initiative over the next few months—this consists of screenings, speaking events, and panels spotlighting women in the entertainment industry. We’ve had a couple of speaking events with women from different parts of the industry—diversity in identity, experience, and profession is our goal. We’ll be having our next panel on 3/6-check out this link for more information!


Aletta is a fourth year English major at UCLA from San Diego, California. Besides being The Profile Writer for UCLA Her Campus, she is a member of several honor societies and pre-law organizations and she also enjoys creative writing. During her free time, you can find her buried in an Agatha Christie novel, delightfully cackling at The Big Bang Theory or doing volunteer work.
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