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New upcoming artist Sasha Sloan has already recorded songs with Kygo and Odesza and is currently touring with Joywave. Soon, she’ll be a big name herself, traveling and headlining shows across the globe. Sloan went to Berklee College of Music in Boston for a year with a plan to major in Music Business, but she quickly got a publishing deal and moved out here to LA. We were lucky enough to get to know Sasha and talk about her life as a rising star!

Her Campus: When and why did you start music?

Sasha Sloan: I started music when I was about ten. I’ve probably been singing since I came out of the womb, but that’s when I first started taking piano and writing songs. I’m not sure I know why I started, music was always something I just loved doing.

HC: What inspires you? 

SS: A lot of things inspire my music such as people around me, books, movies, music, but mostly my own life experience. When it comes to actually writing a song, it usually comes down to how I’m feeling that day.

HC: Your single “Ready Yet” has grown to over 7 million streams on Spotify since its release in October. Was this success a surprise to you? How have you dealt with it? 

SS: Definitely a surprise! “Ready yet” was the first thing I ever released so I was pretty much expecting only my mom to hear it. It was definitely the ice breaker song, so when people responded to it in a positive way, it gave me confidence to release more content.

HC: Speaking of “Ready Yet,” what did you write this song about?

SS: Well, I actually wrote this song about my relationship with my father. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs over the years and I think “Ready Yet” sums up how I’ve felt for a while.

HC: When writing your songs, how personal do you let yourself go? 

SS: I used to be afraid to get personal when I was writing because I was scared of putting myself out there. It’s hard to be vulnerable, but I realized the more I let my walls down the better the music was. I’m a relatively private person so when I write songs it’s a way for me to share what I’ve gone through without having to talk about it.

HC: You’ve done work with artists such as Kygo, Odesza and King Henry. How does it feel to be a new artist already working with such big names? 

SS: It’s pretty crazy. Before I started releasing my own music I was writing for other artists and that’s how these features had happened. Weirdly enough they all came out around the same time and before I had released anything myself. I’ve always been behind the scenes, but to see my name on a song for the first time was really cool. 

HC: How has touring with Joywave been?

SS: Touring has been really fun. It’s my first one so I was pretty anxious to be honest. I remember when I saw the bus for the first time I almost had a panic attack but it’s basically summer camp with alcohol so I’m having a blast. I’ve been in the studio for so long, it’s cool to perform to an audience and see how my material translates live. It’s been a great learning experience.

HC: What makes you different from the other new artists out there?

SS: I know this sounds like a paradox but I would say what makes me different is how normal I am. I had a pretty complicated childhood and I think it made me grow up faster than most which sucks in general, but is great if you’re a songwriter. I like to make music, have a glass of rosè, binge watch trashy TV and get bad tattoos. Hopefully people who listen to my music feel like they could have a beer with me while we cry about how emotional we are.

HC: What’s next for you?

SS: Well, after the tour ends I head back to Los Angeles. I’ll be releasing two more songs later in March along with my first EP. I’m hoping to focus on writing more material for me and I’ll be playing a couple festivals this year which I’m super excited for.

HC: How did your college experiences affect your career?

SS: I think when it comes to music, college is tricky. To be completely honest I’m not sure you need a college degree to be a songwriter/producer/artist, but it doesn’t hurt. I was planning on graduating, but I got a publishing deal six months in and moved to LA before my freshman year was over.

HC: What advice do you have for college students?

SS: The advice I have for college students is to listen to your gut. If you’re thriving in your major and loving the environment you’re in, then go for it and kick ass. If you don’t like what you’re doing or where you are – that’s okay too. I thought I was supposed to know who I was when I went to college, but looking back I realize that’s the time you figure it out. If you’re in a creative field and you get an amazing opportunity while you’re still in school – take it. Even if means you don’t graduate on time, or ever, school will always be there – cool opportunities won’t.

Thank you Sasha for opening up to us about life as a musician. I would gladly grab a beer with you and cry about our emotions any day! 

Make sure to check out Sasha on Spotify and Instagram

Photos Courtesy of Nicolita Bradley  

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