Profile: Stylist & Designer Lindsay Albanese

On Tuesday, November 1st, Los Angeles based stylist Lindsay Albanese stopped by UCLA for an event with Zenni Optical, an affordable, stylish, high quality glasses brand. Albanese has dressed some of Hollywood’s favorites such as Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family). She has also been featured on The Today Show.

Her Campus: When did you first get interested in fashion and when did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in fashion?

Lindsay Albanese: I was always a creative person, I was never book smart whatsoever, and then I heard a friend of mine, who was a stylist right out of high school and went to fashion school and that inspired me to go. Once I went to school and figured it was my passion, it changed my life.

HC: Do certain eyeglasses shape some faces better than others? How can we pick the most fashionable and best eyeglasses?

LA: I first and foremost, feel you should wear eyewear you feel best in. Forget the rules. There are rules and if your biggest concern is flattering your face shape then I would give you some tips based on your face shape. But, if ultimately you just want to express yourself and wear what you feel makes you feel the best, I would say do that and who cares. For me its all about self- expression, and forget the rules.

HC: Since the weather is always so fickle here in California, what are some of your tips for layering?

LA: It’s cold one minute and then you are sweating for four hours! It’s a bipolar situation. I would say lightweight layering in different lengths. Lengths to me make outfits exciting. For example, a short skirt with a longer duster coat, a crop sweater with a longer blouse layered underneath; playing with different lengths is an easy way to keep it interesting.

HC: Do you have any tips to shop on a budget?

LA: Try TJ Maxx and Marshalls! I used to shop there when I was kid and I still shop there now because of the variety of apparel and price points. I also recommend just looking at your closet now and mix and match things to create new outfits. Find new ways to wear some of your older clothes. Bring a friend over and put together each other’s closet. Sometimes it takes another person’s point of view to look at your closet in a new way.

HC: What are some of your go to items and what are some of your recommended staples?

LA: For girls, this season’s mini boot is the most prominent boot trend right now. I also really love leather sneakers. Sneakers are really cool; I love how sneakers look with dressy pieces. Mini skirts and sneakers have a really cool contrast. A duster coat is always elegant and can be very casual. You can wear sweats under a duster coat and still look elegant because of the length of the coat. Hats are always nice if you don’t want to do your hair. Denim jackets are really nice with a sweater under, it’s kind of like playing with summer and winter pieces.

For guys I would say a nice pair of black jeans; guys wear blue jeans all the time but black jeans makes it a little more dressed up and fashion forward and a pair of brown/ black leather sneakers. It is inevitable you are going to have to look nice at one point even if you are a college student so investing in a nice coat is smart too. 

For more information on Lindsay Albanese, check out her blog!

Photos Courtesy of Lindsay Albanese and Lindsay Weinberg