Profile: Meet Lindsay, the President of Her Campus at UCLA

This spring, I got to hang out with Lindsay, HC UCLA’s President! Lindsay is seriously going places in the journalism world: not only is she one of HC’s Campus Correspondents, but also she's the editor of the Daily Bruin’s Arts and Entertainment section and a New York Times marketing representative. This means that she helps inform students about The New York Times and helps run cool events at UCLA sponsored by NYT. Lindsay quickly joined a few tight-knit campus communities, including Her Campus, where she oversees our marketing, social media and publicity. 

Lindsay also loves to travel: last summer, she spent a month teaching English in four cities in Japan. She got to live in the homes of her students, which gave her a feel of what life is like in Japan. For the first couple days of the program, Lindsay and her group got to explore Tokyo; after that, she started teaching in high schools. Even though she didn’t get to go to Kyoto, which is Japan’s old capital and home of beautiful temples, she hopes she can go back to Japan and get to visit. She also spent her first college summer studying abroad in Paris.

Lindsay and I talked about her sorority, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. Sigma AEPi is a Jewish sorority that is different than what Panhellenic sororities are like at UCLA: there are about 10 members, compared to the 150 members typical of a Panhellenic sorority at UCLA. Because it’s small, Lindsay has been able to get really close with every member of the sorority. It also means that events are fun and easy to coordinate. When she was the sisterhood chair, she got to plan cool events around Los Angeles, like beach bonfires. Coming from Portland, Oregon, Lindsay was super excited to explore Los Angeles and everything it has to offer with her friends.