Profile: Her Campus Writer Mariana Ortega

Mariana Ortega has been a part of the Her Campus team as a writer for over a year. She started writing for Her Campus her second year at UCLA. Ortega is an International Development major and Urban Planning minor from Los Angeles, California. I got the chance to get lunch with Mariana and loved getting to know her better.  

Her Campus: Why did you join the Her Campus team?

Mariana Oretega: I was a Statistics major when I first joined Her Campus. I was taking all math classes that were almost all male. I became a part of the Her Campus team to build a connection with girls on campus. I also wanted write and be creative. I felt like Her Campus was a good fit.

HC: What do you find the most empowering part about writing for a magazine that is specifically for women?

MO: I like being able to provide a female perspective for female readers. I think that many women read things that might be for women, but are written from a male perspective. This is unfortunate because it results in a bias. I like the avenue Her Campus provides on campus by being for women and written by women.

HC: What do you want to do after college?

MO: I am considering law school. I would like to go in environmental law.

HC: What is your favorite dessert?

MO: “Chocolate bars.”