Profile: HC UCLA Marketing Director Hannah Wren

3rd year,  English Major, Burlingame, CA

Meet Hannah, a writer for Her Campus UCLA, all-around happy person, and Jamba Juice-lover!

Her Campus: What is a piece of advice you would give transfers?

Hannah Wren: Don’t get intimidated by transfer stigma because a lot of people think that just because you’re a transfer that it was easier for you to be accepted into UCLA or that you have it easier because it’s not necessarily true. You deserve to be here and belong here. Also, find ways to get involved on campus, clubs and organization where you can meet like-minded people. In fact, that’s why I decided to get involved with Her Campus, to meet people!

HC:  Do you have any pets?

AW: A German Shepard and a Persian cat.

Hannah's Persian cat

HC: What do you like most about UCLA?

AW: The environment, everything from the food to the people here. There is a really good transfer community, especially in the transfer dorms. There are a lot of opportunities to be involved at UCLA. For example, I’m part of the Jewish sorority on campus.

HC: What are you planning to do after gradation?

AW: This summer I’m interning at a zero interest loan company and I’m hoping I can go back there after graduation. I want to use my writing skills in a more practical way such as writing loan contracts.

HC: Where are you interning right now?

AW: I’m with The Veloz Group; I write business PR articles that will generate online traffic for their clients.