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Profile: ‘The Bachelor’s’ Ashley Iaconetti

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

Her Campus UCLA was lucky enough to interview the one and only Ashley Iaconetti! With the crazy hype surrounding the Bachelor with Nick Viall, the new Bachelorette Rachel, we of course wanted to hear from one of our favorites, Ashley! We were able to discuss what she learned during her time on the Bachelor, her life after the Bachelor, and any advice she had for Nick!


Look below to see what she said: 

Her Campus: What is the biggest lesson you have taken away from doing The Bachelor

Ashley Iaconetti: When I was writing my Cosmopolitan article today, I definitely realized that I am a lot more brave when it comes to expressing my emotions. This may sound crazy coming from someone who cries and is as expressive as I am, but when it comes to actually verbalizing my feelings and emotions to someone, I was never really able to do that until the Bachelor. I have learned a lot from being on the Bachelor. But once you’ve done the process a couple times, you are basically forced to express your emotions on the show, which makes you more brave in general.

HC: What was some advice you gave Nick before he started The Bachelor?

AI: I don’t think Nick needs any advice from me— he’s done The Bachelor more than me, he’s also older than me and far more experienced in relationships than me. But, I did tell him to be open, be mushy and vulnerable, because sometimes he has a hard shell. Although, as you see on the show, he cries and is definitely a teddy bear inside.

HC: Did you have a favorite girl for Nick’s season of the Bachelor?

AI: Yeah! Vanessa was my favorite right off the bat. As soon as her intro package aired I realized that she is the kind of girl I see Nick with. She is sophisticated, classy, well-spoken, articulate, she challenges him, isn’t afraid to talk back to him, and she has a very strong backbone on her; the kind of girl he likes and the kind of girl he needs.

HC: How has your life changed from being on the Bachelor?

AI: Well, so many things— almost my entire life. With regards to what I said earlier, I am emotionally more brave and I am so much more of a confident person. Even in graduate school for national broadcasting, I was so shy and nervous to talk to the class. Now I am on live TV, talking in front of millions of people. That has been a nice change. Also, it’s great that I have a crew of friends. I always had friends in separate friends group, so it’s nice to have my kind of sorority. In addition, I have had so many career opportunities and have been able to pursue what I’ve wanted to do my whole life. 

HC: What have you been up to since The Bachelor ended? 

AI: I have my weekly Cosmopolitan recaps, then I have a weekly spot on Access Hollywood live on Tuesday mornings, as well as working digitally with them. I just started my “I Don’t Get It” podcast that go up on Tuesdays, as well. The podcast is basically about everything that I don’t get in life. A whole bunch of crazy things that girls talk about when you are sitting at home with your girlfriends. When it comes to week-by-week, everything is different. There are different events— some are work events, some are appearances. For example, I was able to go interview on the Grammy red carpet. Not even knowing someone and having to familiarize myself with that person within a minute and then being able to talk to them like you’ve known them forever. That was a great experience.

HC: Do you have any regrets from the show?

AI: A lot of the regrets I have are out of my control. One thing I wish I would’ve realize is to let people make mistakes and not go out of my way to be like “you’re making a mistake” because when it always comes down to it, it has to be your decision in the end.

HC: Although you haven’t been in the position of being the Bachelorette, do you have any advice for Rachel?

AI: I don’t know. Rachel is going to do well for herself. She is very articulate and well-spoken. If I had to give myself advice, I would tell myself to have an open mind and give all the guys a chance. That’s the stuff I would need to hear when becoming the Bachelorette.

Thanks for talking with us, Ashley! 

Tune into her podcast “I Don’t Get It” and Access Hollywood Live on Tuesdays as well as read her Cosmopolitan articles to get more behind the scenes information of The Bachelor and lessons on life!

Photo Courtesy of: Ashley Iaconetti’s Instagram

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