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A Poem Reflecting My Nostalgia & Love For Halloween

A lot of us hold Halloween very dear to our hearts, seeing as we’ve grown up with this holiday. It is remembered as a fun night out with friends and family, a time when we can collect as much candy and treats as possible while displaying our best costume and makeup skills. Reminiscing about this holiday inspired me to write a nostalgic poem that reflects my fond memories of this day: 

[bf_image id="pcc3t7f4hrjxrvf64877p8c"] I walk along a dim lit road.

Masked faces watch my every move.

Wind whispers in some unknown code,

to get in the Halloween mood.

A cold shiver runs down my spine,

as I pull my bag to my chest.

Inside lie treasures of gold,

a stark reminder of my quest.

A series of knocks on the door,

followed by quick greetings and screams.

“Trick or treat” we demand at once,

collect the candy of our dreams.

With costumes on and makeup set,

bags are so full they weigh us down,

but the night is not over yet,

heavy’s the head who wears the crown.

We run back to our homes with joy,

turn on the scary shows in bed,

watching between fingers and hair,

high on sugar and filled with dread.

As the long night draws to a close,

and the ghouls return to their graves,

we fall asleep to the sweet dreams 

of Halloween again one day.  

Kristin is a fourth year MCDB major and Film minor who loves to create art and bring a smile to people's faces. You can probably find her at the beach or in bed. Oh, and she is in love with cookies and cartoons.
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