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A Poem To Myself About Accepting My Acne

Acne is very common, and it is not something to be embarrassed about. Your skin tends to fluctuate throughout your life, so it will never look exactly the same at every stage. However, because of societal standards and media pressure, many of us get trapped in this toxic cycle of trying to look “picture perfect.” We need to understand and accept the fact that perfection is not something we can nor should try to achieve. We are human after all, and because of that, we will never be perfect. 

Despite that, you can learn to love and accept the imperfect human form you are in. Growing to love my acne was a difficult process, but I am content with where I am now. I am confident in my own skin, no matter if I am having a bad breakout day or a good clear day. I wrote this poem as a reminder to myself that even on my bad skin days, I am still beautiful and capable of anything, no matter what society or other people try to tell me. 

happy woman removing a face mask
Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Dear Kristin,


Look at yourself in the mirror,

what do you see reflecting there? 

Take a deep breath and step nearer,

show that woman some love and care.


But your skin looks so terrible,

grumbles my unforgiving mind.

It can be quite unbearable,

but I can teach it to be kind. 


My skin may not be close to clear,

and it may not feel smooth or soft.

That does not mean I should have fear,

or hate myself for what I’ve got.


Whether my acne is inflamed

or my face is as clear as day,

I shouldn’t and won’t feel ashamed

since I’m beautiful either way.


We only have this body here,

so might as well treat it kindly.

Don’t waste time shedding many tears,

and don’t follow ideals blindly.


Society cannot know you,

even if they make it seem so.

The tabloids create fake news

to try and control what you know.


All that really should matter is

how you perceive and treat yourself.

That is only your business.

Don’t change for anybody else. 


After much time spent being sad,

I am now more kind and caring.

I love my acne and am glad

I finally stopped comparing. 

Anna Shvets via Pexels

No matter where you are in your journey to self-love, just know that you can and will achieve it! I did not think I could learn to love my acne and skin for all that it is, but here I am. It is not an easy journey, trust me, but it is one worth taking. 

Kristin is a fourth year MCDB major and Film minor who loves to create art and bring a smile to people's faces. You can probably find her at the beach or in bed. Oh, and she is in love with cookies and cartoons.
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