The Perfect Quick Makeup Routine For School

Getting tired of looking tired? Can’t somehow find the perfect foundation or eyeshadow for your everyday look? Think you don’t have the time to look good on the outside so you can feel good on the inside? No need to worry anymore. There are simple answers to all these questions! Here is the perfect routine for everyday makeup that is quick and easy:

  1. 1. A Clean Face 

    I start my day with my usual morning routine, which consists of brushing my teeth and washing my face. After I use my cleanser, I apply a clarifying serum and toner so that my skin is as clean as possible and can absorb the moisturizer I am about to put on. All of my facial products are from Emme Diane, an esthetician who provides facials and has her own product line.

  2. 2. Moisturizer

    I then apply moisturizer. I believe this to be the most important step of a morning routine, especially if you want to avoid developing wrinkles in the future. Make sure you apply a moisturizer that works well with the type of skin you have. I have dry to normal skin, so my moisturizer is mainly water based. I use the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel. I also use Clinique’s Pep Start Eye Cream for under my eyes to depuff them and reduce my dark circles.

  3. 3. Concealer, Powder and Foundation

    I typically don’t like using heavy foundation for school since during the day I am running errands and running from class to class. I use the YSL Touche concealer for only under my eyes again to rid any dark circles. Then I use Glossier’s Perfecting Skin Tint, which acts as a light foundation. It feels great on your face, and none of the ingredients are made to break you out or irriate your skin. Afterwards, I go over my whole face with Dior’s Diorskin Forever Extreme Control Foundation just for the extra coverage on the days that my skin doesn’t seem to look the best.

  4. 4. Eyebrows and Eyeshadow

    I now consider this the fun part of my routine. I have rather thick eyebrows, so I don’t typically need to fill them in, but I like to use a simple brow bush just to make my brows look clean. I then do very basic eye shadow. Browns and light pinks look best with my skin tone, so I use Mac or Too Faced eyeshadow on my eyelids. Also, if I realize my under eyes are still dark, I take a very light eyeshadow color and quickly brush it under my eye to give the illusion that I don’t have dark circles.

  5. 5. Blush

    I used to not be a huge fan of blush, but it actually really brightens up your face and put emphasis on your cheek bones! I use a generic blush from Sephora that has light pink, pink and light brown pigmentations. I also use Orgasm from Nars and a darker blush from Bobbi Brown that has sparkles if I want to do something different with my routine.

  6. 6. Lips

    Finally, I always apply the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm to help with my chapped lips and give it some color. On some days, I go over it with either a Nars or Bobbi Brown lipstick just to have extra color or bring more attention to my face.

And that's it! It may seem like a lot, but this whole routine only takes about ten minutes! I assure you that you will get so many compliments on it!