Paris Hilton and are Set to Launch a New Summer Collection

In just a few weeks, the international retailer,, will be releasing their co-designed summer collection. Who did they collab with? Paris Hilton, of course! Their summer collection of 70 pieces is set to launch around the world on June 20th and we cannot wait!

According to their website, thinks that all we need to know is that this summer's collection is hot. But, we got the inside scoop. This summer’s collection features designs of all kinds that take us back to the turn of the millennium. Yup, we’re going back to the early 2000s with animal prints, metallics and even palm prints that were inspired by Hilton’s hometown of Beverly Hills.

What inspired the development of this entire campaign was actually a Charlotte Rutherford photo shoot located in Beverly Hills. Sammy K styled Paris Hilton for the campaign and can be seen wearing standout designs from the new collection. Adding to the summer flare and to the bold designs, Hilton posed with her dogs Diamond Baby and Princess. To throw it back even more, Hilton used #tbt flip phones and a vintage pink convertible, both of which highlighted the new collection’s signature flavor. Jealous, right?

To celebrate their new designs and ring in the summer season, is hosting yet another Los Angeles party that is set to wow the millennials. Their previous March collaboration with celebrity, Zendaya, sure did. Guests for this summer hangout should expect interactive party elements that bring them back in time to when Razor flip phones and walk mans were all the hype. Boohoo girls and Paris Hilton fans alike will have nothing but fun at this chic and trendy party. continues to wow their retail audiences by finding influencers who appeal most to millennials, whom (let’s be real) are their core customers. Using influencers to reach their customers has worked extremely well for the company in the past in that they have produced several successful campaigns with other social media influencers. Doing so has afforded them the opportunity of continually pushing boundaries and has helped them reach their target audience.

Before hearing of’s new collaborative campaign with Paris Hilton, I thought I was going to wear last summer's styles. Now, I plan on spending my summer savings on these new designs. If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to wear leopard print and have it be socially acceptable, then now is your opportunity because and Paris Hilton are bringing it back in style. These trendy, old but new designs will be adored by all shoppers and are, of course, limited edition so get shopping!