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Our Top Picks for Bachelor in Paradise

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCLA chapter.

As some of us know, this season on the Bachelor there have been a whirlwind of emotions. Girls were sent home left and right— leaving many of us wondering about the future of the show and the later seasons. Bringing us to one of summer’s most exciting shows: Bachelor in Paradise! While watching the season of the Bachelor with Nick Viall, we have sympathized with a few girls in particular this season hoping they will be a great fit for Bachelor in Paradise. Here are our top five picks of the girls who don’t make it to the end with Nick:  

1. Corinne

Corinne’s avid energy and passion for getting what she wants is a favorite on this show. Although we don’t yet know the outcome of the Bachelor, if Corinne doesn’t make it she’ll be a great pick for Bachelor in Paradise.

2. Alexis

Alexis, the dolphin trainer and avid dolphin advocate, is also a great contestant for Bachelor In Paradise. Her spunk and fun attitude would be a great addition to the forthcoming members of the season.

3. Taylor

Taylor, being apart of the shocking two-on-one date, gave this season her all to make sure Nick was making a good decision with his rose-giving activities, but didn’t make it out to the end. She would be great for the show.

4. Elizabeth

Elizabeth (aka “Liz”) who already participated with Nick in one way or another was sent home after causing some strife with the rest of the Bachelor contestants as well as Nick himself. Maybe she’ll be able to clear her head on the island this summer.

5. Kristina

Kristina would be a great addition to the cast considering how shocking her episode was when she was sent home. Maybe she’ll be able to find the love she deserves in Bachelor in Paradise!

Photo Courtesy of: abc.com and the Bachelor

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