An Open Letter To My Mom On Her Birthday

Dear Mom,

Hey! I miss you. I know we just saw each other like a week ago, but it’s been a rough week without you. I don’t know why I am getting homesick now, but its probably a combination of being away from you for my birthday, your birthday and Easter, all in the span of one week. Those three occasions carry with them some of our best memories together, and being away from you on those days kind of just sucks the magic right out of them.

Anyway, I want to use your birthday as a time for me to thank you. It’s hard because there are so many things that I could thank you for, as you have played the biggest role in sculpting the person I am today. I’ll just try and say everything that comes to mind right now. Bear with me.

Thank you for the hour-long phone conversations at 6:30 my time, 9:30 yours. They always make me feel better. And last year when I was struggling, they saved my life. Thank you for having the confidence in me that I don’t even have in myself. You seriously believe I can be whatever I want to be, and do whatever I want to do. That certainty makes me believe in myself. Thank you for supporting me in my hardest, darkest times. You know when I am falling even before I do, and your fierce ability to take care of everyone in your life before yourself makes you the most honorable human being I have ever known.

Thank you for loving me even when I am wrong. I know I am not always the easiest person to love, and especially before college I feel like I took everything, including you, for granted. But these past two years living 3000 miles away from you have proved to be two of the hardest years of my life, and in this time I have learned that you are the one that lights the fire within me that keeps me going, because you still love me more than you love yourself - even when I can be so incredibly difficult and tiring.

Thank you for being my number one fan. All of the dance recitals, spring musicals, chorus concerts and cross country races - you were there right in the front cheering me on. Thank you for giving me a beautiful life. I am so lucky, and I know I have you and Dad to thank.

Thank you for the back scratches. The car rides. The sushi lunches. The essay editing. The Dubby washing. The hulu sharing. The Chick-fil-A runs. The Farmer’s Market trips. Thank you for being my doctor whenever I am sick. Thank you for buying me countless coats to wear indoors because I am always cold. Thank you for always making my bed. Thank you for Freddie. Thank you for life! Thank you for all the love.

You believe I can touch the stars, and you give me the confidence to dream big and chase the impossible. I love you more to the sun, the moon, the stars and back.

Love always,


P.S - While I was writing this, you had FLOWERS sent to my house. You seriously are the best mom ever. Love you endlessly.