hand holding a ucla class of 2020 sash inside packaging

An Open Letter To The Class of 2020: Thank You And Congratulations

Dear Class of 2020,

Although this is not what you would have anticipated your last year to be, thank you for your hard work for the last four years. Of course, the words of a freshman might hold no meaning to you, but I sincerely do wish the best for your class. Thank you for the dedication you’ve put into your education, and congratulations for completing one of the most significant milestones in your life so far.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash From the first day of freshman year until the last day of senior year, you have surely experienced many new and different things throughout your undergraduate years. Stepping into UCLA as a freshman was nerve-wracking yet exciting, and as a senior, being able to say that you will be graduating from this renowned institution is just as – if not more – nerve-wracking and exciting. The grueling classes, the long hours of studying and working, the involvement in multiple extracurricular activities, the leadership positions you’ve taken – this is what you have accomplished while at UCLA. Though the year is coming to a close, it does not mean your journey ends with UCLA. Instead, what you do after these undergraduate years will build upon the accomplishments and achievements you’ve made for the last four years. 

Girls in the sunset Photo by Jude Beck on Unsplash You have contributed to the improvement of UCLA in providing more resources for students and making the experience welcoming for new students as well. I’m sure your early experiences as a freshman allowed you to gain a better direction toward what you wanted to contribute to and change about the institution. Now as a senior, you still have much more to experience and accomplish, whether that be in your prospective career or in graduate school. Though the world may seem to be put on hold for now, it doesn’t mean that your accomplishments have to stop here. Instead, these achievements may motivate you to do even more in the future.​

Woman In Black Long Sleeve Dress Standing On Brown Concrete Stanley Morales / Pexels This is not the ideal way to end your last year in college, and it may feel disheartening. However, your achievements as a leader at UCLA will atone to the legacy you’ve left as an undergraduate. The grades you have studied hard for, the jobs you have worked, the research you have dedicated time and effort to, the awards you have received, the memories you have made and the friends you have gained- these will all contribute to the impact you will leave. Your commitment to making UCLA a better place for new students while having your own struggles along the way is an achievement that current and new students will remember and cherish always. Thank you, and congratulations on finishing this milestone, Class of 2020. 


A current first-year student