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Now That You’ve Graduated, Here Are 5 Fun Activities You Have The Time To Do

You did it  – you plowed through the Zoom fatigue, sat through awkward lectures where no one had their camera on, and ultimately made the best of a rough situation and now are finally a college graduate! As you indulge in a well-deserved break, it could also be fun to pick up a new hobby before you take the next steps of your life. Here are five easy, low-commitment activities to fill your summer days with: 

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Learn how to play the ukulele

If you’ve ever wanted to get into music, the ukulele is the perfect place to start. Not only is it a lot simpler than the guitar, but you won’t break the bank trying to buy one of your own. It’s small, it’s portable and with only a handful of chords, you’ll be able to play hundreds of songs. I grew up playing the ukulele and absolutely love it, so why not give it a shot? 

 Write calligraphy

Especially if you’re going to school again in the fall, learning calligraphy could really spice up your notes and help your studying process. There are a million tutorials on Youtube, as well as print-out stencils and guides online to help you achieve that Instagram-worthy handwriting. If you’re like me and are motivated by pretty, put-together notes, then calligraphy is a great skill to learn. 

Upcycle your clothes

You’ve just graduated college and chances are you feel like a reinvented woman. My advice? Match that energy with a newly upcycled wardrobe that helps you to give off the confidence you already have within you. While sewing can be a little daunting, upcycling is a fun way to personalize the pieces in your closet while saving money in the long run. 

Become a plant mom

No activity exudes more good energy than shopping at a plant nursery. Whether you just want a little succulent for your desk or an herb garden on your balcony, taking care of plants could be the wholesome side project of your summer. 

Take up a sport (watching counts too)

Summer is the time to be active! Drag your friends with you to the beach for some volleyball, or maybe to the courts for a round of basketball, or to the park for an impromptu soccer match. Or, if you prefer, drag your friends indoors for a game day and let the cheering commence. Sometimes, yelling at the TV in support of your favorite sports team is just as fun as playing the sport itself. 

[bf_image id="r44n75jhqmsrhg49p3q3m"] With a huge milestone behind you, I hope you look to the future ambitiously but also reflect on the past and feel proud of what you have achieved so far. After a stressful year, be sure to take the time to unwind and indulge yourself in something fun every day because you deserve it. I wish the class of 2021 all the best and cannot wait to see the amazing things you do! 

Audrie is a fourth-year student from Honolulu, Hawaii, majoring in Human Biology Society and minoring in Anthropology. Her favorite things to talk about are self-care, brunch, and her cat. She also really loves the beach and anything matcha flavored! In her free time, you can catch her shopping for records, books, and Trader Joe's snacks.
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