From “Nasty Women” to “Bad Hombres” Trump Says It All


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Trump has a way with words, or should I say, insults. He has managed to singlehandedly offend and marginalized groups of people. However, some of his more colorful language came from one of his last debates with Hillary Clinton. In the third and final debate, Trump interrupted Clinton while she was explaining how she would improve the Social Security program by saying “She (Clinton) is such a nasty woman.” Right after this comment was the online retailer Nasty Gal changed their name to Nasty Woman to show solidarity with Mrs. Clinton. Hilary Clinton has been advocating for children and families for more than 40 years. Right after law school she took a job at the Children’s Defense Fund. As a diplomat to the United State, Clinton was able to negotiate the cease fire between Israel and Hamas. I don’t know about you but if Hilary Clinton is a nasty woman then I want to be one too.

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Trump, per usual, brought up his strong foreign policy on immigration. When bringing this he referred to immigrants whose immigration status is not stable as “bad hombres.” As someone who grew up speaking Spanish, I can tell you this much, when Trump said “bad hombres” all I heard was “bad hambre” which translates to bad hunger. Maybe he was just hungry during the debate?

You can decide who the winner of that debate was by voting on November 8th. 

*images courtsey of Giphy