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Finally, we’re all back on campus! Last year, I could count on one hand the number of times I ventured onto campus, but this year, the hustle and bustle of UCLA students returning (or setting foot on campus for the first time!) have brought the school back to life. As much as I love in person classes, this many people also means a fight for tables and outlets when we’re all studying in between classes. To help you find a quiet spot to study on campus, I’ve compiled a list of my new favorite campus study spots:

Sculpture Garden

I love taking advantage of the warm weather and peaceful atmosphere of the sculpture garden.  It is a bit of a walk to get to, but it’s hard to compare to anything else. I love being able to study outdoors and the quiet ambiance means you can also just relax and read a book there. Because of Bunche Hall and all of the trees, it also tends to be shady, which is nice in the 86 degree weather we’ve been having lately.

Tables Near Bunche

I love being able to study outside, but sometimes you just need to charge your laptop. The wood tables and benches near Bunche Hall have outlets that give you the best of both worlds. I like to study out there, preferably at one of the shady tables, or even take Zoom classes! If you want to study here, make sure to go around the time that classes end and people are getting up because the spots go very quickly. 

North Campus Student Center

While I am a south campus major and the Bomb Shelter is full of some delicious food, it tends to be overly crowded and almost impossible to get a table there. However, the North Campus Student Center always has more than enough tables. While they don’t have a Peet’s Coffee or a Blaze Pizza, they do have poké bowls and their own cafe. Whether I’m hungry for lunch or just looking for a little pick-me-up, this is a great spot to spread out and study since there are so many tables and chairs, both inside and out. My favorite spot here is the counter since there are outlets!

Engineering IV Tables

Inside Engineering IV near the elevators on almost every floor, there are counters and chairs with a line of outlets. While it faces the sun in the afternoon, the third floor has blinds that keep the light out of your eyes.  It’s convenient for south campus majors and almost always has a free spot. 

Anderson School

Between the Anderson school buildings, there are some tables outdoors that, similarly to some of the tables near Kerckhoff, have outlets attached! If you are desperately in need of an outlet and you can’t get to one of those tables, there are also counters and chairs inside the Anderson School that have outlet access.  


Jimmy’s has great coffee and is another spot on North Campus. There are tables both inside and out and generally also has a free spot for students to sit and work. I love the cafe vibes right on campus!

Untitled Cafe

Located in Broad Art Center, Untitled Cafe is also a bit of a walk away. I am not one to sit at my desk any longer than I have to, so I love that Untitled Cafe has not only tables and chairs but also sofas for the more relaxed student to enjoy.

Music Cafe

The Music Cafe in South Campus tends to get a bit crowded, but if you can’t snag a spot inside, you can sit on a bench outside or even on the edge of the Inverted Fountain! Sitting so close to the fountain can be rather relaxing since the noise of the water covers the loudness of the campus. I love that this spot is located so close to not only my classes but also sorority row!

As we all fight for the best spot to study on campus, I hope this list helps a bit! I love being back on campus and feeling the liveliness we all associate with college. Of course, there are other, more traditional spots to study on campus like Ackerman or Kerckhoff Coffee House, but those tend to be a bit more crowded and they’re not my favorite. Hopefully one of these spots is convenient between your classes, but if you don’t have any in person classes one day, I’d recommend you try out a coffee shop nearby! 

Alyssa Chew is a fourth-year Electrical Engineering major at UCLA. She is excited to be a Features Writer for Her Campus at UCLA and to get involved and explore Los Angeles. Alyssa hopes you enjoy reading her articles!
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