My Finals Week vs. the HC Survival Kit

So now that we're done with finals week (YAY), I have the time to tell you the fun little story about how the #HCSurvivalKit saved me this week. To set the scene, picture a sleep-deprived, stressed out girl in YRL during finals week - AKA everyone there. I was studying my notes for my third final of the week when I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of my computer screen. It was one of those slow motion sort of realizations where I saw myself, but it took me a while to register that it was actually me. There sat a girl with her hair greasy and tangled, eyes framed with less-than-gorgeous dark circles, and wrapped in an admittedly very comfy Vera Bradley blanket. long have I looked like this?! And how long has it been since I showered? Thankfully, I had brought along some of the items HerCampus had sent me in the Survival Kit.


So I ran into the bathroom and whipped out the TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray to make me look more human and less lion. Then, I washed my face with some Proactiv and threw on some of Michael Kors's 24K Brilliant Gold-Scented Flash Tatoo so I would look (and smell) a little fresher. Important sidenote: I am NOT normally this gross.


After feeling slightly refreshed, I realized I had missed my last meal thanks to the fact that SWIPES STILL AREN'T ACCEPTED ON CAMPUS (UGH). But I filled up my new Sorel water bottle, which kept my water super duper cold. I cannot stress this enough: cold water during finals week is uber underrated. Sorry to go off track a little, my brain is still recovering. Anyways, no food. Thank goodness HC sent me a Chipotle BOGO and Free Entrée Card because I needed a double meal to make up for however many I had missed by that point. Also, being able to get free food during finals? AMAZING! What college student isn't broke by the end of the quarter? 

Despite being a hot mess all week, these little life savers from Her Campus made all the difference. Finally it's back to reality, and I can take real showers and eat regular meals. It's the little things that count. Really. Happy Winter Break, y'all!