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How My Caffeine Break Helped Me Enjoy Coffee Again

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When your dad’s prized possession is an espresso machine, it’s hard not to have a lot of coffee. While my dad perfected his espresso shots morning and night, I couldn’t refuse his offer to join him and make a latte for myself.

However, drinking coffee has looked a little different in college. Without my handy-dandy machine, I couldn’t control how much espresso was going into my coffee, and I couldn’t go through my therapeutic routine of frothing milk or adding a specific creamer. Coffee became something I needed to get through my day rather than the accessory I always treated it as. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if it was a placebo or actually making me more energized.

So, I decided to go on a detox.

I know this method does not work for everyone, but I actually quit coffee cold turkey. I just needed to see myself function without caffeine withdrawal tiredness as soon as possible. This meant a couple weeks of consistent yawning and headaches once 4 p.m. hit. Don’t get me wrong: it was difficult to adjust. However, after a little over three weeks, I started feeling the difference.

I had more energy and no longer felt the need to treat coffee as medicine to get past the tiredness of the day. My eyes felt less heavy in the afternoon, and my head just felt a little clearer.

Because I actually like the taste of coffee and the experience of drinking it, I still drink it on occasion in college. It’s always fun to try something new at a café. Sometimes, I just really need to stay up late to finish an assignment and find myself grabbing a cup. And that’s okay.

In the beginning, I quit coffee in order to not be dependent on it. Even if I sometimes use it to stay up later at night, it’s different because I actually feel its effects, and it does not have a hold on me. It’s something I can look forward to from time to time instead of something I have to plan out. I love this new relationship I have with coffee.

Neeti is a UCLA student who has loved writing ever since she was born, whether that meant composing poetry or writing opinionated articles. She loves learning languages and is currently learning her fifth one. She loves water, hiking, biking, playing with her dog, and listening to music.