Meet the Bachelorette Boys

It's that time of year again: a new season of the Bachelorette.

Thus a new round of possibilities who are aching to find love, or maybe fame.

(I mean, who doesn’t want to promote sugar bears that grow hair on Instagram?)

Read below to look at the potentials:


Adam is 27, a Real Estate Agent, and his most romantic present was a threesome— how wholesome. 


Alex is 28, an Information Systems Supervisor, and likes practicality over anything else explaining that the best gift he has ever given was "a car." Well, if Rachel can't find love with Alex at least she'll be driving away in a fresh new Benz. 


Anthony is 26, an Education Software Manager, and his most recent favorite novel is The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. (Finally, things are starting to look up).

Blake E.Blake is 31, an Aspiring Drummer, and was engaged for 48 hours. Maybe his drums were too loud.

Blake K.

Blake is 29, a U.S. Marine Veteran, and admires his mother more than anyone. 


Brady is 29, a Male Model and says one of his least favorite things to do on a date is "getting in an Uber that doesn't speak English." I mean... Alright, Brady.


Bryan is 37, a Chiropractor,and you guessed it—he's a guy who just loves sports and loves chilling with the bros watching Sports Center. 


Bryce is 30, a Firefighter, and said that the most outrageous thing he has ever done was a "high speed pursuit on a motorycle. [He] saved someon'es life. Outrageous is relative." Admirable, for sure.


Dean is 26, a Startup Recruiter, and explains that "whenever a girl tries to bite [him], [he] has to stop everything and have a discussion." 


DeMario is 30, an Executive Recruiter, and says his greatest achievement is "being a great big brother."


Diggy is 31, a Senior Inventory Anaylst, and won't go to jail for love. 


Eric is 29, a Personal Trainer, and would love to live in a time before money was involved.


Fred is 27, an Executive Assistant, and describes himself as an "unselfish lover," aka, cue the aws.


Grant is 29, an Emergency Medicine Physician, and says his favorite magazine is Playboy. Invigorating. 


Iggy is 30, Consulting Firm CEO, and his favorite actor is Tom Hardy.

Jack Stone

Jack is 32, an Attorney, and looks for metaphors in all flowers.


Jamey is 32, a Sale Account Executive, and wants his ideal mate to look like a model—how original.


Jedidiah is 35, an ER physician, and finds South Africa incredible.


Jonathan is 31, a tickle monster (yikes), and had a mullet in 4th grade.


Josiah is 28, a Prosecuting Attorney, and lived through a catfish to tell the tale.


Kenny is 35, a Professional Wrestler, and enjoys spending time with his daughter.


Kyle is 26, a Marketing Consultant, and doesn't trust people easily.


Lee is 30, a Singer/Songwriter, and considers himself a romantic.


Lucas is 30, describes his occupation as Whaboom, and may possibly be "that guy" this season.


Matt is 32, a Construction Sales Rep, and hates online dating.


Michael is 26, a former Professional Basketball Player, and would love to have lunch with President Obama,


Milton is 31, a Hotel Recreation Supervisor, and is seriously afraid of spiders.


Mohit is 26, a Product Manager, and is going to dress up as gluten for Halloween.


Peter is 31, a Business Owner, and moved to Athens, Greece for a modeling career.


Rob is 30, a Law Student, and studied a lot over seas during his college career.


Will is 28, a Sales Manager, and would love to be Will Smith for a day because "he is Fresh Prince."

At last, we have made it to the end of the very long list of men looking to fight for the intelligent and strong-willed Rachel.

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