Lonzo Ball’s Big Baller Brand

LaVar Ball, Lonzo’s outspoken dad, was looking for a $1 billion shoe deal involving him and his three sons. LaVar was looking for a partnership not simply for an endorsement deal. This would look similar to Michael Jordan’s partnership with Nike and Kanye West partnership with Adidas. Essentially, Michael Jordan’s and Kanye West’s partnership allows them to create their own shoes with their own logos but under the umbrella of their respective brands. Whereas an endorsement would simply the Ball name on an already-created shoe. Neither Nike nor Adidas nor Under Armour were interested in entering such partnership with the Ball family. The partnership would have simply been too huge of an investment. Big Baller Brand still sold a limited amount of shoes for $495 a piece. The price is definitely something that got critics turning their heads. Nike Lebron 14’s go for $175, Steph Curry’s 3ZEROS’S are $120.