Living Your Best Life In Los Angeles: On a College Budget

Being a college student on a budget and living in one of the most affluent areas of Los Angeles seems to be somewhat of a paradox. Or is it? Living in the beauty and comfort of the surrounding UCLA campus, Westwood, close to Bel Air and Beverly Hills, UCLA students have a variety of nice options for our pick of food, clothing, outings and events. But these extravagant and fun options near our campus do sometimes come with a catch - money, money, money! But, there are ways to overcome those financial barriers between cheap college life and fun times in the great city of LA. Here's a guide to living your best life in Los Angeles on a college budget.

  1. 1. Food, Snacks And Coffee Time!

    LA is known for its lavish and trendy food, coffee and other hipster drinks that people are dying to try. Some tips when going out to eat: observe your surroundings when you're seated for a meal at a restaurant and see if the portion sizes are big enough to split a salad and an entree with your friend for half the price! If the portion sizes are big enough and you know you're not going to finish the meal by yourself, save those extra bucks and split it with a sister! Another tip for coffee shop outings - if you're a fan of lattes, ask for an iced coffee with extra milk (so you're getting the latte flavor for half the price). A fan of flavors in your drinks? See if the syrup shots cost extra and, if they do, you can always substitute for a sweetener on the side.

  2. 2. Clothing, Apparel, Accessories

    It is a good thing vintage is in, because LA has thrift stores and second-hand stores galore! I would suggest venturing out to Venice and Santa Monica for these types of stores as the ones in Westwood can still be a bit pricey. Being environmentally and financially responsible - what more could you want! Another great option to be on the lookout for are apps like Poshmark or Depop that can get you the most bang for your buck and still provide you with stylish and affordable fashion.

  3. 3. Girls' Night, Date Night, Any Night!

    Los Angeles provides you with so many unique and thrilling outings/events that you can do for free, especially as a student! Free comedy shows (Don't Tell Comedy), free entry to Museums on College Nights (The Getty/Getty Villa), as well as spontaneous parties and concerts! Trips to the beach, hikes in Malibu, picnics in the park and free movie screenings are always an easy option for a fun weekend plan where you can just focus on laughs, friends and fun. Not to mention, Westwood is infamous for its most famous ice cream shop, Diddy Riese, where an ice cream sandwich is only $3 and a cookie is only 50 cents! 

One of the biggest tips a college student needs to know when living the LA college life on a budget - always ask for student discounts! Wherever you can get them take advantage because it never hurts to ask and, more often than not, you'll end up saving those dollars. Now, it is time to take the city by storm!